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Into the fires of battle

Malus Trux

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So after seeing a number of superb Fireborn & reading the Tome of Fire anthology, I decided to paint up a small number of Salamanders again.



This is my Apothecary character, Shen, for Deathwatch. He's modeled after an existing character from Forgeworld & even shares the same last name.



I rolled well for strength but very high for toughness so I wanted this guy to have some heft to him.



A better comparison shot to get some sense of scale to regular guys.



When I made this guy I didn't have any reference pics so I later found out that skull on the elbow guard is upside down. :Troops:



So I briefly considered this as the helmet for him, as in 40k this guy has artificer armor & if I make a Terminator unit, the sarge will have one.



In the end I decided against it as the gorget made it look awkward but I still ended up using that bit.



Some paint so far. So this guy is named Shen & Forgeworld released a couple of Badab bonus characters, one of them a Salamanders Apothecary named Harath Shen. If my guy lives, he'll be given the first name Harath & I'll use the campaign as backstory. If he dies, then Harath will have a vendetta against whomever killed his kinsman.



A better shot of the axe. This guy had a hilarious first session in DW. He took a bunch of ork right arms & did some wacky things such as shooting off one & beating one ork to death with another. Then at the end of his run, he ran into an ork nob. He parried a sharpened lead pipe with one of the severed ork arms, proceeded to break the nob's right arm & finally beat the nob's skull in, all with the same limb as a club.



A ride for my soon to be made tac squad. I'm hoping the yellow will make a good base coat for the green.

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Thank you. Whenever I looked at Betrayal, the first combo I thought of was using the sarge in artificer with an apothecary giving them FNP to force the enemy to shoot the tac squad with lascannons or something to deny me a save. At that point though, I'll try look out sir's as well.
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Quick update: Shen is pretty close to completion. He needs to get his power axe with a field & a few highlights here & there.



The trim on his shoulder pad will be redone in green as I don't quite like it in gold, though that may be cause I didn't layer it enough. Also the chest was left bare as I want to add some design at some point in the future on it



I'm pretty happy with the flames on his chapter badge. The one on his leg I'm still undecided on.

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