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The Arsuf Crusade -- Updated 02/18/2013


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Welcome to the Arsuf Crusade, Brothers.

If your looking for a long line of fluff leading into the founding of my Crusade, then I am sorry to disappoint lol. I do not possess the literary skill of other Templars on this forum so I shall try to make up for it with my painting skills.

So, shall I begin:

Reclusiarch Amberaldus

Amberaldus came about from the Chaos at the Gates Challenge

Reclusiarch Command Squad (Kanked)

Fast Attack
Assault Squad Animus

Much more to come. Currently working on piece together my command squad.

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Faces and hair


don't make all the hair 1 color, use a few browns, yellows etc. friend of mine did all his 'scouts' in blond with blue eyes, we call them the master race and it looks like an army of damn clones.

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I feel like something went wrong with the latest batch. The initial pics look a lot cleaner, especially the Assault Squad. The Champ doesn't even look like he has highlights :rolleyes: Or are they WIP?


Anyway, I'd add a few light washes to add depth to the gold on the champ, and fill in the abdomen with black (on either side of the middle part). The freehand crosses are gonna take practice.


A method I use is to draw one slender long X, careful to put the center in teh proper spot. Do the same sideways. Paint a 'v' between every two points, and fill in. Use a few very thin layers of white to clean up any rough edges.

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The EC is a work in progress lol. I want going to finish him when i get back to the other side of the country. So no worries Firepower...no paddle as of yet. I have more to offer for that brother lol.


Thanks for the tip on the crosses.

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Keep up the good work Brother! I'm really liking the double chainsword look. I'll have to add a couple of those to my next crusader squad.
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Ok, so I'm sitting here painting watching YouTube videos, and I'm wondering, "how can I run my army till we get updated units?"  I know that my list is going to be competitive but, I'm not sure exactly how to use it.  


Basically it is as follows (including my LPC vow)




1)  Helbrecht


2)  Reclusiarch


Emperor's Champion - Suffer Not the Unclean




1)  6 Man Sword Brethren  w/ Drop Pod-- Furious Charge




1, 2, 3) 10 Man Crusader Squad w/ Drop Pod (All CCW and PS)


4, 5)  15 Man Crusader Squads w/ LRC (1 Plasmagun, 1 Missile Launcher and x5 CCW Neophytes)




Land Speeder Squadron

X1 Tornado

X1 Typhoon




1)  LRC



Please ANY help will be greatly appreciated.



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Ok, been a little behind on my painting but I did finally figure out what paint scheme I wanted, I give you another LPC Vow update.



Initiates 5 Down, 15 more to go.

Neophytes 5 Down, 5 more to go.


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that's an interesting choice. normally i just stick to codex grey/dawnstone (same color). space wolves grey has a tint of blue to it, doesn't it? It's sort of what it looks like in your models. If i'm wrong, then bleh! lol

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