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Cyclone Missile Launcher questions


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So, I have quite a large amount of terminators, and am looking to figure out a way to get cyclones for each squad... however Ebay is pretty dry (only ones there are like 20$, and thewarstore.com is charging 15$) so I'm just wondering if anyone here knows of cheaper alternatives from DIY options to third party weapons that "look like" cyclone missile launchers. I really dont want to spend over 100$ on cyclone missile launchers alone.
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I'm unsure of pricing, but I know Kromlech does one. Another alternative is to use one of the launchers off the LS Tornado.

EDIT: Kromlech have them @ $8AU. Heres a google pic link:




Although it doesn't exactly GWs, I think it represents the two types of missiles it fires just fine





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That is easy! Make your own! Ive made some out of the RW sprue. Take the missile pods glue together and put a small magnet and viola CML! Check the DA thread for conversion pics. Can't remember where I saw them. If not Ill post a pic when I get home tomorrow.
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So I looked at the ones you guys have posted/ linked and they are pretty cool, but my friend showed me this link and I was sold.



Turret is only .77 cents each! And they look pretty cool too, here's a comparison




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