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Nurgle Raptors WIP


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Hey all,


Continuing my work on my CSM Nurgle army, this time now just about done with creating my Nurgle Raptors. Take a look, commentary and constructive criticism always welcome. Pic quality not so great, apologies.


Need to come up with a fun name for these guys too... thinking like "Vulture Squadron" or something Plague-y and carrion-like for that "necrotic birds of prey" feel... any ideas?


Check them out on my blog:

Nurgle Raptors


Check us out on Facebook as well to get regular updates.










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Thank you!


I like the latin angle. I need to consider that. I had in mind something that referenced "carrion" or "vulture", thinking of some kind of reference to decay or whatnot, but I'm open to other things. Sort of trying to tie the idea of raptors to the Death Guard. I think Mortarion had assault troops but probably didn't rely on them heavily.

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