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Spawn Alternatives


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I have a pair of the chaos spawn minis from back when they were new and about half the current price - I bought them for Mordheim and never got around to using them. Thing is, I don't like them anywhere near enough to want to buy more at their current price, so I'm casting a net for alternative ideas.


I'm planning to keep my warband mostly word bearers with a small nurgle contingent, so spawn that fit with either of those, thematically, would be ideal. Ideally, I'd like to keep the cost down (FW's plague ogryns are great, but way too pricey if I want a decent size unit of spawn)


I'm looking at the Crypy Horror kit quite a lot, and wondering if I could make some suitable beasties out of that...


Beynd that, anyone have any thoughts on alternative spawn minis and/or theming them?

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ive personally been considering biggerizing and converting some possessed to be "super mega ultra"-possessed (i beleive that is indeed their correct medical term) which is essentially what spawns are anyways


i think it would fit nicely with a PA army (alot better than the current spawn models atleast) but it does raise the problem that spawns arnt supossed to look armored at all

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Ive used the two mutants from the new Warshrine kit, they arent finished yet but I like how they look so far.


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