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Pre Heresy Sons Power Armor Conflict?


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Hey all,


I've been working on a pre-heresy Thousand Sons force but as more fluff is revealed, I have a possible canon conflict.


Here's the army so far:


Post with Images

Post with images


All Mk IV and Ml V suits... ok so far... (Helmets by MaxMini, shoulder pads by Chapterhouse) but...


Post with images


Those are Mk VI Corvus suits.


(I wanted to post images directly, but the format for the image links don't work here.)


I've been reading Deliverance Lost, which makes it pretty clear that the Mk VI was only delivered to the Raven Guard AFTER Prospero was destroyed, so mew Mk VI suits wouldn't have been issued to Thousand Sons legionaries prior to the fall. On the other hand, the cover of Battle for the Abyss and Thousand Sons both show individual legionaries wearing Corvus suits.


Possible Explanations:

-Mechanicum facilities had been producing Mk VI suits just before the Fall of Prospero, so some examples may have been issued or taken by the Thousand Sons prior to the delivery of the new units to Deliverance.

-Thousand Sons, like Raven Guard, may have had individual units doing field tests of the Mk VI suits prior to the general production.


What do you think? Or am I just going to have to fudge this one?

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Just say that every legion had a small number of prototypes sent to their home planet by the mechanicum for testing and to provide feedback before they finalized the design and ramp up production. Makes sense too, the legions each had different priorities in what they would look for in a design, not to mention hazardous environment testing on places like Fenris and Nocturn.
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Erm. The warp did it?


Remember that Istvaan V happened before the battle of Calth, Horus managed to get the entire Word Bearers legion to Calth, and assemble the ultramarines, before anybody had gotten word of the dropsite massacre.


Time is relative. The ship could have been en route from Terra to Prospero with the Mk6, and arrived before it left.


The Raven guard may think that they had the first suits of Corvus, but realistically, another legion may have received them years before, and just not contacted the RG, which can be months to years after that other legion actually receives it.

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