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Fenrisian Wolves as wargear

Ragnars Claw

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In 5th these puppies were pretty much mandatory for my thunderwolf lord. Now though i'm not sure what purpose they actually bring, especially if he is sat in a unit of bullet catchers (fenrisian wolves from the fast attack slot) anyway.


Are these guys still worth the 10pts?

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Main uses I've found: 1)cheap meat shield - they can take the LoS rolls thus taking a couple of potentially fatal wounds from him. 2)they're decent in combat, sure they're not likely to take out swathes of enemies or last more than 1 round vs terminators, but it at least gives you something to hit back with when your Chars in a challenges.
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I take them for my Twl

They can take LOS wounds especially handy when my twl or twc w/SS 's are running low on wounds or against ID wounds such as force weapons or str 10 attacks.


Remember they also can be used to soak up wounds without LOS by clever movement against both CC and Shooting


Also their ability to go into ruins for the twc and fetch units out can be very useful

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Benefits of Fen wolves as warger.


1) LoS

2) Extra movement for Lone Wolves. Start them 2 inches behind your Lone Wolf then move them as much of their full 12 in front of the lone wolf while keeping cohesion to get him where he needs to be faster

3) turning that 15 wolf unit into a 17 wolf unit just because you can when combined with an IC

4) 3 i4 (i5 with SotWolfkin) S4 attacks in CC per wolf should they live to get there. Can help thin the ranks the first round of combat when charging in with a LW

5) Badassary!

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