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Dark Angels Veteran Sergeant

Pig Of Sparta

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Got this fella finished up last night for another painting competition. Having seen some of the other entries I'm not really rating his chances but I'm still pretty happy with how he turned out:




I haven't painted a Dark Angel in years so it was a fun challenge to work out the best way to build the colour of the green armour up. I'm also really happy with the face as well, I know it's not perfect but painting stubble seems to be getting easier :D.


As always please feel free to leave C&C





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Exceptionally nice work there PoS, if I was to offer you any advice (the worst kind of vice) it would be to add something to make him pop.


Some things that come to mind are;

making the censor/brassier thingie either glow or have smoke come out of it,

add some freehand scripting or patterns to the flat areas of his chainsword,

paint the little knob at the end of the chainsword metal to show it actually helps the blade spin,

add some blood or damage to the teeth,

raise the highlights on both the chainsword and his robes,

get a squad number onto his right pad ASAP!!!,

bring out the texture of the little DA icon dangling at his left knee with a dark recess wash,

dirty up the base a little-it is broken after all,

and lastly I'd make the plasma glow reach up through the barrel and side vents.


I only put those points out there as options, the man is fantastically painted but is very "stock standard" as is.


You certainly have the ability to win any painting contest you just need to get the juices flowing and take us into the story the model is trying to tell (which for this model should be more than "look at me, I have a chainsword").


I'm the most critical on models that can be great, sorry but that's my style.






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