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Hello, my name is Graham. I'm 37 and I live in Belfast. coming back to 40k after a close to 20 year absence.


I started with space hulk way back when and then went on to collect dark angels. I picked up the September issue of WD in the local tesco and saw the spread on Dark Vengeance.... well about a week later I found myself in the local GW and ended up picking it up... started with the idea of starting back with DA but the lure of chaos was too strong...


Anyways I started looking around, found Bolter & Chainsword and a bunch of other stuff online... well I decided on going with a Nurgle themed army. Just painting and kitbashing at the minute, just really enjoying the hobby aspect of 40k. Been lurking here for a while and have recently posted up some WiP stuff and also my completed stuff as well.


I would ideally like to find someone interested to game with locally and as i'm not totally conversant with the rules I guess it'll be a learning experience.


Other than that my other interests include big noisy military jets, building model aircraft, playing music in a couple of bands locally and putting on gigs as part of a collective here in Belfast.


Feel free to check out my gallery and C&C is very welcome.


thanks for reading this,


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Hail and welcome to B&C, brother! If you need to locate any fellows gamers in Belfast, there is a section in the community subforum for European players - asking in there might be a good idea. Nevermind! You've beaten me to it. Any questions, just ask. :P
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