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cypher the fallen angel's ptr


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The ptr thread is getting a little unwieldy so ive decided to put all my stuff here for everyone to pick apart. My painting skill is ok at best. The ptr has given me inspiration to become a better painter.

September vow. 5 vets with 4 plasma pistols and a plasmagun. 175pts.


October vow. Chapter/company master with power sword and combi-plasma 125pts. 4 more gunslinger vets and a drop pod 175pts.




November vow. 3 ravenwing bikes with 2 plasma guns and a power sword 165pts.



December vow. Samuel on jetbike 205pts. 5 man tactical squad with plasma gun and plasma pistol 125pts.




Hope you like them C&C welcome.

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I, [insert name here] of the Dark Angels , vow on the honour of my Chapter to modify, paint and present at least 10 DW terminators from the DV set on or before the 31st of March, 2013. I promise to provide at least two WIP updates, preferably with pictures, in that time. I vow that if I should fail, I will provide the Librarium with an article and wear the Signature of Shame until my penitence period is done.

This is also my january PTR vow and will be completed by end of month.

1st squad, ac and chainfist. 250pts

2nd squad, CML, apothecary, 1 TLC, and chainfist. 270pts.

Test models

Wip #1



all ten.


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Surprised I missed a thread like this since I really like armies with pre heresy schemes. The units are all very nice I really like the terminators with the green and checkered stripes.


Great stuff!



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I'm hoping to do Pre-Heresy paint scheme on my DV box sets and I like what you did by throwing in some DA Green and the silver sholders on the Tac squads.  A little more color on essentially 'black' models.

I might have to steal some inspiration!  Also I LOVE the gunslinger Vets!

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