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I'm back! What did I miss?

Chaplain Admetus

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Hey guys, I've been off grid pretty much for the past 2 months (since Octobers Throne of Skulls - haven't played a single game between now and then) and just been on occasionally with sporadic posts. Uni got in the way to a colossal degree but I've just submitted my Masters thesis and am now free ;) . Now to attempt to become a functional member of society with a job and everything :lol: . Just wanted to know what I've missed - any horrendous new builds come out we need to be wary of? Any exceptional new tactics for us to execute?


Also, I'll be attempting to resurrect the battle report thread probably within the next week or so dependent on if I can get a game in before I go home/get my army back on the train, so watch out for that thread to be haunting the front page once more ;)

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Its a shame no one has replied to this yet. Thanks for all the batreps, Chaplain! I'll be looking forward to your next entries.


There was a particularly fun thread a few up from this on using fast BA tanks to pin in an opponent in a castle formation. I found it quite hilarious. I'm not of much help with builds and tactics though, I create army lists by asking myself "what units have I not used in a while?"


Also, congratulations on the huge achievement!! And good luck on the job search!

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