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Mephiston vs Avatar


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How do gents, at my local club I've been challenged to put Mephiston up against and Eldar Avatar and I'm not one from backing down from a challenge so it's on. Just wondering what my chances are and if I can use transfixing gaze on the bugger?





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An Avatar is not an IC so gaze won't work.


Is this just a straight up fight or is it in a game?


In a one on one fight it will be close but not being eternal warrior and only having a 4+ invun should let Meph scrape thru. As you should kill him with your force weapon before he swings. Are you allowed to swap out your book powers? Iron arm will be useful as would a 4+ invun or misfortune if you were able to roll them.


On the other hand if it is in a game and the Eldar player has RoW the fight is in the avatars favour as your powers will be shut down 50% of the time and you have a good chance that you will take a perils.


So one on one you have no reason to fear the Avatar.

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