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DV Models similarities to Space Hulk minis?

Bryan Blaire

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The DV models are interesting, because they seem to show some hallmarks of GW's modeling tech. The chain fist hand on the DV model seems an almost exact copy of the same fist arm on Brither Valencio from the Space Hulk game, minus the Blood Angels iconography. In the same way, the power fist on the assault cannon Termi seems to be a copy of Brother Denio's, again, minus the BA icons, and the chain fist Termi's stance/leg position is a mirrored flip of Brother Claudio's (twin lightning claws) leg positioning. Another one I see (and of course I could be completely imagining this or it is just a fluke of only being able to model in so many ways) is that the way the assault cannon is held seems to be the way Brother Zael holds his heavy flamer (similar angle out from the body) but the arm position itself seems to be the same as Brother Leon's (the assault cannon bearer in the Space Hulk set).


I really hope we get to see a continuation of this in the new Deathwing plastic set because I love the ornate-ness of the Space Hulk minis, and it would be great to get that much detail in the new DW box on multi-part/multi-pose minis (assuming we are getting a new plastic box for this).


Has anyone noticed anything similar in other plastic sets recently?

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I imagine it's a direct result of the digital sculpting techniques Games Workshop has been doing for the past few years. Put a chainfist on file and then later add it to a terminator body file, repose a little, add chapter specific bling, and voila! new model. Have you noticed on your librarians that the haft of their force staves are the same as the haft for the thunder hammer?
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There is a lot of digital sculpting mirroring and cut-n'-pasting going on, in all ranges (and I don't just mean replication of a miniatures, but use of some parts on other digital sculpts). Look at The Hobbit starter set sprues for some obvious examples on the different goblin poses. Note how many different goblin poses have that overly dramatic "claw hand" thing going on. That is just the latest example. There are others; both in prior 40K and WFB mini sets. the newer Vampire Counts range is loaded with examples. I wouldn't be surprised that, if we do get a Deathwing Terminator kit, that some bits come straight from the SPACE HULK, Wolf Guard, and Grey Knight (specifically the apothecary and standard bearer bits) Terminator bits. I would rather see completely new bits, but, then again, some o the newer bits for some things have been poorly executed. Better that they stick with a sort of template method of making these bits, rather than come up with new, slightly...off...looking bits.
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Here are some of the DV and SH models kit-bashed to all be DW...

There are a LOT of blood drops to shave off of the SH models...

My Squad for the PTR


Captain - SH Body, DA Icon


Chainfist - SH Body, DA Icon


Cyclone - DV Body, SH Arm, Cyclone


Pointing - SH Body, DA icon


Floor - SH Body, DA Shield


Sgt - DV Body, SH Arm, Sword Arm


Skulltaker - SH Body, DV Arm


SB one - DV Body, SH Arm


SB two - SH Body, DV Arm


SB three - SH Body, DV Arm


Sb four - SH Body, DV Arm


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