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Here comes a new challenger!

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So, I helped out a family friend a few months back and she got me a bunch of War40k stuff as a thank you, my first War40k stuff. Besides the THQ War40k games (Dawn of War series, Space Marine and Kill Team on XBLA), I haven't had much interaction with the War40k universe. So yeah, I'm an Initiate. Anyway, here's what I got:


Assault on Black Reach

Dark Vengeance (Limited Edition)

1 Box of Veteran Dark Angels

1 Box of Scouts (Snipers)

1 Starter Paint Set (With Five more Space Marines)


Needless to say, the army for me was obvious and, after doing some research on the chapter through the Lexicanum site, I went and bought myself the Dark Angels Codex and downloaded the Errata for 6th Edition (Don't know if I need the other Errata or not). I also have the Chaos and Ork codexes but just incase I want to expand those for secondary armies.


So yeah, I think I have enough Dark Angels to play normal games (1500 pts) of War40k and I heard that they're getting a new Codex next year. I've already played a few games with the starter sets, including a 2 v 1 match against my brothers, I had to adapt the dreadnaught from AoBR and just gave it the same amount of Hull Points as the Hellbrute. It was a fun game. So I'm slowly learning the rules and stuff. As someone whose played DnD since 3.5 as well as Pathfinder, it's pretty easy for me to pick up and learn War40k.


Anyway! I'm hear looking for willing teachers who can show me how to make a proper army list with what I have as well as give me tips on what to get next. B)



PS: My display name is taken from the name I gave the Sergeant for the Terminator Squad in the AoBR set.

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Well, welcome to B&C! I really think you should visit the Dark Angels sub-forum - you'll find some VERY enthusiastic individuals there to provide you with advice and opinion on everything from lore to modelling to gameplay! See you there!
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Hail and welcome to B&C, brother! I have to say that's quite a thank you present you got. I think, for the time being you're all set in terms of models for an army - the only thing you may be lacking are armoured units, but let's worry about that later.


Anyway, please, enjoy your stay here. :D

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