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Command squad predicament


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Ok so I have had 5 space hulk terminators sitting in my bits box for a good 12 months which I have really wanted to turn into a 1st company's command squad. Now due in part to a task given to me by the inner circle which has now prompted me to pull my finger out I want to get them done!


My concern is and is the reason I have held off doing them is what If the new codex stops us from fielding them with an Apothacary and Standard bearer? For me the main 2 reasons to do the squad?


What does everyone think? Should I suck it up and just do it? Do you think the new Codex will take this option away from us?


Help! Lol. ;)

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I think it's really unlikely that we'd lose the option of a DW apothecary & standard bearer. They're what makes a command squad, well, a command squad ^_^


However, it's much more likely that the command squad (and deathwing in general) will get either new or altered weapon options. For example, it would be really annoying if you convert and paint an apothecary armed with a thunder hammer & storm shield, only to find that in the new codex a DW apothecary can only be armed with storm bolter & power fist. Or if the DW command squad gains the ability to take combi-weapons on every model, and you decide you really, really want a unit of terminatory-plasmery-goodness.


With hopefully just a few weeks left before the new codex appears, I think I'd be tempted to wait just a little bit longer, just to ensure you don't regret it. Space Hulk termies aren't the easiest models to replace either.

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I say go for it! The best thing you could do, even though its a pain in the backside, is magnetize the termies. I have found at the elbow joint works the best. If you dont want to cut up those Space Hulk models too much then skip bthe magnets, make em any way you want and IF the new dex precludes them (which I cant see happening at all) then just play them as a "this represents this" model. If your opponent isnt happy about it, you might wanna find a new opponent! Post some pics when your done though, whatever you decide!
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