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Grey Knights Test Model. Limited Resources. CC Please


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So, I don't have access to all of my tools, bitz, paints, washes, so on and so forth. I was sent a Games Workshop brush, some paints, a couple of washes and a PAGK kit. Oh, I'm in the "Stans" so getting this stuff is fairly hard. That being said, when looking at these please exclude the 3 following comments from any suggestions being made.


* EYES ARE NOT DONE - I don't have my Air Brush and I want the eyes to glow.

* BASE IS NOT DONE - I am half a world away from my basing supplies. I could throw some glue on the base and leave it on the table for an hour...

* BARRLES ARE NOT DRILLED - Just like my Air Brush and base kits, my drill is not here either.


Those being said please comment and tell me what you think. How is the color scheme? What would you do differently? How bad is the highlighting? What do you think I could do better? How would you get a prettier black.


I still have some clean up work to do on this guy that are made obvious by this picture, but I wanna hear what other people think.


http://imgur.com/a/oDu5O For the linkage.

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Considering the resources I'd say it's very good work!


As for basing materials I remember that on the From The Warp blog there's an article about using all kinds of household stuff. Might be worth a look. Or you could cut up the Grey Knight box into squares and do it as flagstones.

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