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Flesh Tearer help


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Hi all


I'm just starting to build a flesh tearer army and I need some help on converting the bases and different pose's for them. I want to go with a city fight theme for the bases with ork bits. Any pics of flesh tearer conversions would be greatly appreciated.




P.S. And paint schemes as well. :D

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City fight bases with ork bits should be pretty straight forward. You want to use bits of sprue cut down into blocks and chipped to look like damaged bricks and girders, and a fine grade sand. You should keep colours around the grey area, or maybe a blue/grey. Just throw some ork cleavers and bits around the bases.


Here is my Seth if you are looking for colour ideas, I used some bits from the citadel basing kit which has some nice pieces in it:



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Can't help with the bases as I just go basic, but here are some of my Flesh Tearers for colour scheme ideas :)




And after weathering


Scheme is pretty simple:

Prime Black.

Couple of thin coats of Mephiston Red on the Red bits, till it's smooth.

Highlight with Blood Red.

Edge highlight with a 50/50 mix of what ever fleshtone you have (Elf Flesh, Dwarf Flesh, Tallarn Flesh or Bronzed Flesh) with Blood Red.

This will look quite garish, but here's the trick ;)

Mix Red Wash with Black Wash 60/40 should do it but you want a dark Burgundy colour, then apply heavily to all the Red areas.

Wait about 20 minutes and the Wash will have thickened up a little, apply heavy second coat.

Give the Black a highlight of what ever Grey you prefer, I use Codex Grey.

Wash Black areas with Black Wash.

Orkhide Shade/Caliban Green for the for eyelenses and purity seals.

Highlight lenses with Goblin Green/Warpstone Glow.

Wash purity seals with Black Wash.

Metals are just Boltgun Metal/Chainmail applied thinly with a Black Wash to follow.

And thats the lot.

If you wanna add weathering I'd advise you to check out some of the tutorials on here as my weathering method leaves something to be desired :lol:

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I would suggest the citadel basing kit but iv never had one and they cost.

I'd suggest some old foam for rubble, sprue bits for girders, cardboard makes awesome corrugated sheet if you strip it, whack some old ork heads etc about and paint them grey. If you have some old search lights get them on too

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