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Storm eagle Project


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So this is a blog for a recently purchased stormeagle assault gunship. I am not really sure how to do the paint scheme so i did some mock ups (see below). The transport capacity of this thing is twenty and dark angles (my army) can as of right now 9/28/12, only take terminators in groups of 5 (not including ICs), taking up half the total capacity with no extra units transportable. To further gum up the works its a fast attack unit, normally thought of as the domain of the Ravenwing. As of right now I have 31 terminators, as my army is set up to be deathwing. Does this mean i should make the paint scheme Deathwing, Ravenwing, or Chapter based? I need some help. take a look below and vote, and possibly leave a comment if you've got a more specific suggestion ill keep the poll open for a while as the thing isn't even built yet. Keep in mind this would not be final stage of painting as the model appears now. there would be some reentry damage and possibly some weapon damage on the eagle as well when finished, but as they say 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' One thing i was thinking about is that this model should be able to be used for transporting anybody so i'm leaning towards a starndard green scheme.



ravenwing sword


rw redsword


chapter sword


chapt white sword


dw sword


RW colorblckbone


Rw colorblckred



all images based on Forge world image taken from here.

update 12/20/12

Images of the built Storm eagle




sadly the rear ramp has had to be glued in place. it was pretty but too much warping and misalignment.

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Well according to rumours... New DW, DWK will be able to take 10 Man Squads.

Also, Adding Belial/TDA Libby to a squad means you need up to a 14 unit capacity with current 5 man DW squads.

So the cap 20 Storm Eagle is still the way to go there, Although the Caestus is a viable option with its special harnesses.

The true advantage of the Storm Eagle is being able to hold Legion Squads, if you play 30K DA.


It seems that the new flyers are assigned to the Ravenwing, so going with that paint scheme is a good option.

Used as such you could transport any DA logically, since all flyers are RW assigned pilots.

I think it would depend upon the way you have painted other transports or flyers.


I have 14 Landraiders, mostly Godhammers and Crusaders, and I have most of them painted in DW Colors, as I use them for Dedicated DW Transports. However I do have 2 RW Landraiders, and a Camo/Scout Landraider. I have a few more Landraiders to paint and will likely paint any support Land Raiders ( Achilles, Terminus, Ares) the same color as my Predators/Whirlwinds/Rhinos/Razors as they would be normally assigned from the Armoury.


I Am looking forward to getting the Storm Eagle and Caestus, and will likely paint them as Ravenwing. I think I will be painting all flyers as RW just to be consistent. Including when and if they ever make that plastic Thunderhawk... I wouldn't go DW unless I made them dedicated DW transports, since it wouldn't seem right to transport PA marines in a DW painted transport...


It really depends what you want to do.


I vote all flyers using RW colors and markings.

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I agree, considering who will be riding in it, makes sense that it comes as a fleet based asset (which theoretically everyone draws from) and is painted green.


Side note, Ravenwing novel does however give precedence to paint anything attached to the RW in their livery. Their thunderhawks right down to their Techmarines are wearing black.


It seems that the new flyers are assigned to the Ravenwing, so going with that paint scheme is a good option.

I think this could also be rationalized those units are specifically attached to RW strike cruisers and such. I still feel like certain flyers would still be drawn from fleet assets and simply be painted green. Or are we to believe that every strike force - even those that have no RW ground units attached whatsoever - has units of RW pilots on board? Suppose it could happen. Maybe the codex will clear things up.


But how do we account for all those extra RW pilots as far as company size goes?

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I'd go with black bird with bone panels.


But I don't quite like the mock you put up...


The idea being: black fuselage, all raised panels in bone.


Could you do a mock like that? I'm really bad at image programs...

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That is one spectacular SR (hadn't seen it, thanks for likning it).


But that looks black with a huge white icon and stark white RW icons.


I was thinking something with bone plates...







And I don't remember which subfounding chapter has a bone/black checks scheme...that might give some ideas too!

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Newest update: the entire "dark eagle" has been primed grey, had regional basing in white, then basing in ork hide. I figure the dark talons and fast attack slots are not transports so let the enemy fear green and white. the true dark angel chapter colors.

starboard view


the white panels are covered by masking tape.

bow view


icon view


the next step will be some passes of dark angels green, then edgeing and weathering. This thing is gonna take a while.

ps i just used this thing against necrons on thursday, and wow the vengence launcher is just nasty. hvy 2 strength 5 ap4 large blast, killed 12 crons in a blob in one turn and then they broke! awesome.

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well you will have to work to put it together. the main warping occurred to the thinner front end. on close inspection of the model, gaps can be found despite my best efforts. A friend of mine uses industrial resin for the glue, i used superglue and modelling putty. The main problem i had which i didn't expect was that the rear hatch wasn't dryfitted along with the rest of the model at the outset and as a result it wouldn't fit properly and was too long. the main reson for this is that with the warping its very difficult too dryfit all the parts in their proper place. I had to cut down the door and glue it in place which is too bad cause there is some fun detail on the interior. the other problem was that the rear door hinge mechanism doesnt really work as a hinge. the resin can be made to fit with some hot water but it took me a while to build.
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yeah. that is what has me hesitating about buying one- not sure if its worth the sheer pain of assembly.


Going to wait for the new codex before I make a decision.


In some play testing, I did like its ability to pop heavy armor while blasting away at some infantry with the vengeance launcher. Good support for deathwing!

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So this thing is actually getting exciting now. I was able to complete the whole scheme and color block it. The preshade weathering is also done now.

Here is the color blocked image.


here are the preshades.




looking forward to getting all the weapons and metallics done. then i can move onto details and weathering this thing.

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