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Hello there!


Having just dug out my huuuuge Chaos Army again and started working on it I thought I'd try my hand at a WIP topic here. Keep myself motivated and all that.


Without further ado, here are some of my different stuff, from not-at-all-finished to almost finished:


The (not so hard) core of the host:



An attempt at doing a really easy PW (white, blue glaze, done)



A Daemon Prince (of Nurgle, duh):


before painting:



A Dark Apostle/Chaos Lord wip:











Death Guard allies/mercs:



A Chaos Lord:



A counts-as Huron, all Word Bearified:




My stab at a HellDrake. I've tried to make it more Helltalony but still Daemon possessed:




A counts-as Typhus (I envision him as more of a space necromancer guy):




His little friends:



And a close combat Word Bearer guy (perhaps a Berzerker counts as, not quite sure yet):




Hope you like it. C&C is more than welcome ;)

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Very nice kitbashing ;)


Can we see a closer shot of the Huron-counts-as Heavy flamer arm? How did you do that join? I keep looking at my Kranon models and I want to make use of them, but I am hesitant to get out the knives because of the way that sword arm tucks in.

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I pretty much cut off the arm at the elbow guard thingy. Then I fiddled about with the arm to make it fit and actually ended up slicing a little bit off the exposed shoulder pad, but it doesn't show too much. My advice is to just go nuts.

If all else fails there's always green stuff -and it's Chaos, so a bit off tentacles or whatever can cover up anything ;)


I'm afraid I can't get a better pic right now :/


The arm itself is an old chaos termie hvy. flamer. I think the new one would work too, even if it a bit bigger.

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Thanks :)


The mace on the Dark Apostle is from the fantasy Chaos Knights box. It has the added bonus of having a very chaosy glove, so it can basically go straight on a Chaos Marine with next to no work (which suits me very well as I'm essentially a lazy bugger). The mace on the Termie Lord is a power maul from the Chaos Terminator box (his shield is from the fantasy lord on manticore, which has a lot of other good bits as well).

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Thanks for the kind words :)


The Dread is the "regular" Marine dreadnought, slightly reposed (it steps on a Marine, although it's hard to see in the pictures) and with a "halo" and bits from the Chaos vehicle sprue. It's had some green stuff trimmings on the "kneepads" (dunno what else to call them) as well. I also used the Chaos gun-barrel heads on top of the exhausts but I'm not sure it's visible in the pictures.

The banner is from the fantasy Marauder box (I think), and there are some old metal bits here and there that I can't recall the origin of (the skull on the front, the chain on the Reaper ac). The Reaper is made from some IG autocannon barrels I think.


When I was done with the converting I roughed the whole thing up a bit with a knife just for the hell of it :)

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  • 3 months later...

Well, it took a lot of time, but there's been a bit of progress. I've ended up reinforcing my host with both Iron Warriors and Night Lords and I've gotten a bunch of stuff built and primed.


So far, my painting efforts are as follows:

And Iron Warrior with a primitive attempt at "plasma glow":


Some more Iron Warriors:



And a Word Bearers Rhino, that I'm reasonably happy with:



That's all ofr now but there's a huge bunch of stuff in the pipeline :)

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From Iron cometh strength!


Here are my IW guys. The lighting isn't great and leaves them a little "flatter" looking than in real life, but I hope you can sorta see where I'm going with them:

And here's a couple of rides for them:

I might need to smooth up some of the metal on the rhinos now that I look at the pics, but it is intended to look a bit "smudgy" and gritty.

The "danger stripes" look like crap up close, but I'm reasonably satisfied with them at gaming distance...

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They're "Iron Mutant" (nudge nudge, wink wink) shoulderpads from puppetswar. They also make some pretty nice shoulderpads for some of the other legions (and they're all similarly transparently named).

Wow really like the daemon prince really cool.


I've had mixed feedback on him so far. Some people think he weers too far into "comical" territory, but I'm quite happy with him smile.png

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Got around to painting a few "hazard stripes" on some Iron dudes:


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