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Coteaz in Vehicles and Buildings


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I looked around here and on some other forums and didn’t find an answer, so I am going to ask. Sorry if this has already been answered. If Coteaz is in a vehicle do you measure the 12 inches (for his shooting at units arriving from reserve) from the vehicle or from the access point? Additionally, if he is in a building, do you measure the 12 inches from the edge of the building?



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You can overwatch out of the fire point because it says you can, p80. That does not imply that IBEY is a shooting attack. The LOS restriction is now part of the main book, only shooting, psychic shooting/ witchfire, p78. IBEY may trigger a shooting attack but itself is not a shooting attack, you need to check LOS first for the ability itself before you can initiate the shooting.



You can Overwatch from a Fire Point.


Is Overwatch a shooting attack? If so, then IBEY is also a shooting attack.


The LoS restriction is an onld 5th edition restriciton, which is no longer in effect, as LoS is measured form the Fire Point itself.

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But they can draw line of sight from the firing points? thats how it is for all shooting out of fire points. I believe it even says IBEY is an out of sequence shooting attack
Neither, Coteaz can't use his I've been expecting you when Embarked. As its not a shooting attack but requires Line of Sight, it's not able to make use Fire Points.



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"If an enemy unit arrives from reserve within 12" of Coteaz and within his LOS, Coteaz and his unit can immediately make an out-of-sequence shooting attack against it" p45, GK Codex


"A fire point is a hatch from or gun slit from which one or more passengers inside the vehicle an fire shooting weapons (or use witchfire/psychic shooting attacks)" p78 BRB



You need to LOS check the first before triggering the actual shooting (which is separate since at that point you check LOS of the appropriate shooting models for the weapons, etc). And since the ability is just a trigger not the actual shooting, the Fire Point restriction kicks in.


We compared the wordings of the 5th ed BRB FAQ with the wording in the 6th ed BRB and they have very similar restrictions


Q: Can models embarked upon a vehicle use its fire

points to draw line of sight to a unit to use special

rules or wargear (other than shooting)? (p66)

A: No.


I really wish they would explicitly FAQ this to allow IBEY to work within a transport or a building, but this is how we rule it here. If people let you IBEY from inside the Bastion, enjoy ;))

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Ok I really thought I had this figured out, but Logan's post confused me.


So is the reason that Coteaz can not use a fire point for IBEY in 6th Ed because the 5th Ed FAQ says he can't?

No, because of the wording in the 6th Ed BRB...

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