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The Steel Vanguard, a Iron hands Successor


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Hello everyone, I just got back into the hobby after a 7 year break! I am a Black Templar player but decided to give a DIY a go as I wanted to do something different from my close combat monkey army that is the Black templars. So I ordered a lot of bits and parts and am in the process of kitbashing my first tac squad.



Pictured here is my first attempts at painting in MANY years! Help me chose what looks better! A link to my DIY is located in my sig for those who want to know about the fluff of the chapter.



First up is a worn steel and bronze look





Here is my attempt at a redish/bronze look








here is a side by side look of the 2 together



I know the pics are kind of bad lighting but what do you all think? Steel and bronze or Redish/bronze? Or should I go for a different color scheme? Not pictured is the iron hands bits kit from GW or the bionics kit from maxmini I didnt want to use them without a color scheme in mind.

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near term projects


Master of the Forge with Conversion Beamer on Bike (will replace legs with tracks like you would find on a tank or will use a real bike) I am still on the fence!

Tactical Squad

Thunderfire Cannon

Mortis Pattern Dreadnought

IronClad Dreadnaught

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So a few new toys came in the mail today!






Why yes that is a THUNDERFIRE cannon!




The Iron Hands kit from GW came in as well! Bionic goodies :lol:




A new mortis pattern dred will be had!



My very first stormtalon as well!



So as you can see christmas for me is starting a few days early! Now just have to wait for the bits I ordered on e-bay and other shops to get here.... and that VALTHEX ASTRAL CLAWS MASTER OF THE FORGE! Sorry I cant contain my excitement!


I have primed the tech marine and will start painting him as soon. I am still undecided as to what color scheme I should use but I am leaning towards the worn steel/bronze look. What do you guys think?

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The new maxmini bionic bits came in as well. I am still waiting on the ones from puppetswar and anvil industry. I know I kind of went crazy with all the bits but I would like to get them all in before I start kitbashing more; I just want to see what all I have to work with.



When you are making a DIY you find yourself surfing through all of the mini sites and thinking that looks cool! And before you know it you have several orders out and start thinking maybe a http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/image/cache/data/a-new/heads_crests/spartan-crest-150x150.jpg would look good on top of our bronze skull helmets. in other words I am getting overloaded with everything that is avilable. I even found myself looking at hoods and robes! And combining them with the skull/bionic look I am aiming for and I think I may be doing too much. I want a custom army but at what point is too much?


I even considered kiting them up with loin cloths ala Black Templar style :o

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Hmm. I think, when you're ordering things with no clear plan for them, especially when it comes to setting out the on-table image and style of your army, I think it's time to stop, have a breather and assess what you have before buying more. If you think something is missing, then by all means buy something that fulfils that niche or gap but if you think they're good as they are, don't add more. No matter how cool the bits are, eventually the models will simply look cluttered. Less is more, I'd say. :o
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