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Army list to play Grey Knights?


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Hi All,


I've got a gaming day lined up with a friend in January and we plan to play his Blood Angels (as yet unbuilt) against my recently built Grey Knights. Now, I've very little idea about what the GK's do (I've used them twice) and not much experience of this edition (I've played about 10 games all told since it came out) but my 40K senses (also known as the internet) tell me that the GKs may well be tougher than the BAs. So, to prevent us having a poor set of games due to us messing up with the building of lists, I'm wondering if anyone can give some pointers as to what sort of 1000 pt Blood Angel army he should be aiming at to take on an army made of (roughly) this lot:


Coteaz + retinue (the dudes who came in the original box)

Terminator Librarian

5 Terminators

5 GK Strike Squad

5 GK Strike Squad

5 Interceptors

Vindicare Assassin

Quad Gun (if we decide fliers are in)




There could be more terminators (I've got another 5 but I think that lot above is about 1000 points).


So, there's the challenge. What sort of list would have fun (not auto win!) against that lot?

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One of my friends runs a grey knights termi army which is ridiculously tough and not that much fun for me coz I have to shoot him to death which isn't that much fun for me. You've got a nice and well matched list so technical he can go one for one with you respectively. The main thing I would try and leaver in though would be a stormraven but that is going to eat up his points.
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First, without Henchmen (not knowing what you have), Quad Gun and any upgrades your list is 1170. I know you said roughly, but...


Two lists I would bring are Armor - x2 Razorbacks, x2 Baals, x2 AC/LC Preds (Or Vindicators). Maybe a Vindicator and 3 Razorbacks. Its your call. If you take 3 razorbacks you want atleast 2 TLLC or TLPG/LC for the AP2 (Against Dreadknight and Terminators)


Or shotting x2 PG/PC Tactical Squads, x2LCx2ML Dev Squad and a drop pod Fuiroso w/ Frag Cannon / Melta. The Devs will aim for the Dreadknight / Dreadnought. The Tacs will aim for Objectives / Infantry. The Furioso will pod in and go hulk smash turn 1. This leaves you exactly 200 points for a Death Company w/ Bolters, Sanguinary Guard or... well... anything you want. Don't forget Librarian HQ.


A list with Mepheston would EAT everything but that Dreadknight, however, as boss as that guy is I don't use him. I really need to start... And at 1k Points I would not suggest Flyers. They are too many points and at that point value its a matter of "Who goes second wins". You shoot down their bird, what do they have left? You can almost take out an entire 1k army with a Blood Angel Raven...


Grey Knights have too easy of a time tailoring against us. Its called "Death Cult Assassains, Dreadknights and Halberds." And those lists work against most other armies as well... makes me sad. Oh well. Good luck, hope you two have fun and don't be that guy who tailors against your friends!

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Thanks Kickrock, I thought the points would be over, it's good news as it means I have options to tailor downwards if necessary! If Dreadknights, halberds and Deathcult Assassins are the key to tailoring then I think this might be ok as I've got a total of 4 Halberds across the army and can leave the Assassins off the list (though I'd like to keep the Dreadknight as he's the centrepiece of the army in terms of visual impact and, in the two games I've played has done nothing but get shot to bits so I guess I can promise to use him badly!)


Your point about the retinue's equipment made me think that perhaps I should have said what stuff has. The models I've got painted are:




Servitor with multimelta

Two scribe-like dudes (who I don't think have rules now)

4 servo skulls

Vindicare Assassin

5 Terminator squad (2 Halberd, Hammer, Sword, Psycannon)

10 Strike Squad (halberd, hammer, 2 psycannon, rest swords)

5 Interceptors (Falchions, 3 swords, incinerator)

Dred (twin autocannons)

Defence line (with Quad gun or Lascannon)

Dreadknight hammer and hvy psycannon


And by the time we play:


5 Paladin Terminators (Psycannon, hammer, swords (incl banner, apoth)

Librarian Terminator (halberd)

2 Deathcult assassins




As it happens I bought the army pre-built and I don't know if the previous owner was planning a tough list with this set of weapons or if it was (as I suspect) just a bit of everything that looked cool.


I'd really like to include Coteaz, the Librarian and the Dreadknight as they all look very cool, the rest I don't mind so much about (they all look nice to me).

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Here's a go at a 1000 point army list for the GKs:



Inquisitor Coteaz



Terminator Squad (5)

Psycannon, 2 halberd, hammer, psybolt ammo


Strike Squad (10 men)

2 Psycannon, hammer, halberd, psybolt


Fast Attack

Interceptor Squad 180

Incinerator, 1 pair falchions, psybolt


Heavy Support

Dreadnought 135

autocannons, psybolt ammo


Defence Line + Quad Gun 100




As you can see I couldn't fit everything in at all (you were all correct in that). I don't know if this list is particularly hard or not. It looks tough to me without being overboard but I could be wrong. I don't think I'd mind playing against this list with another Marine army, but I haven't played a lot so perhaps I'm missing something?


Here's how this would look:



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