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So I am working on an Ork army, but as a break I'm painting a Salamander army too. I know. A break from a tide of green by painting more green tongue.gif But Salamanders are awesome.
I have been painting since February 2012, so still a noob. But here are the 2 I have finished.

Lightbox tested during Lunch :P
Tactical Marine
Pellas Mir'san


He is magnetized so i can put a Powerfist and different guns on him.
constructive criticism is apretiated smile.gif

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For 10 months experience, you're not doing bad at all.


There's a question as to which one looks more akin to real life, based on the wide difference in lighting between the scout and the captain. I find the captain's green a tad bright, but judging by the look of the purity seals I think this was taken with a flash on or some other light source set a bit too high.


The all important fire effect isn't bad, though on the cape I would think about adding a bit more orange and red to the edges, pushing the yellow a but further down the cape. Also, I'd try for sharper, more fluid edges (the sword is a pretty good example, wheras the edges of the cape are a bit squared).

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I'm pretty sure there's a tutorial on how to make a very cheap and effective lightbox floating around the How To guides here on the BnC. If not, you could google it and get plenty of results in a heartbeat. It's basically just a couple of desk lamps, some translucent paper or white cloth, and a simple structure to put it around.


From there it's just a matter of fiddling with your camera's settings.

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I'm pretty sure there's a tutorial on how to make a very cheap and effective lightbox floating around the How To guides here on the BnC.


Very true. There is a whole photograpy tutorials section here.


As far as comments go, I'd say you need to make the black highlighting a bit more subtle. If you're going for greys, then in my experience it's an area where less is definately more! I think you are doing fine with the greens but the red eyes seem to be a bit dull. If that was you intended effect, fine - but if you wanted to make a more striking contrast then let me suggest you paint a white spot before you apply the red.


Look forward for your next models!

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No net for a weekend :S

But got some painting done 1 Dreadnought is almost done, missing an arm and need to paint the replacement  missile launcher and  TL lascannon


Tactical Marine 1st Squad 2nd Company



sergeant 1 squad 2nd Company 





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Brother Incus



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What is wrong with the libby? I think he looks great. This is fantastic thread, improvement on every piece you've done. It looks like you've found your groove, now to just keep painting. Highlights for me are the Rhino and the Dread, the fire on the Rhino especially.

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