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'Twas the night before...

Spaced Hulk

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The creature crept unseen though the deepest, darkest tunnels of the Rock. With unnatural stealth, he slipped past automated sentry guns, brooding Interrogator Chaplains and lumbering Deathwing patrols. Despite the gaudiness of his uniform and the heavy weight slung across his shoulders, not a single eye - human, post human or mechanical - turned in his direction. Ever deeper he travelled, no lock, force shield or blast door could hinder his progress.


After what seemed like an eternity, he reached his destination. A small, solitary cell with a single door, carved into the very bedrock at the heart of the asteroid. No guards watched this door, indeed only a few beings in the galaxy even knew of it's existence. No guards were needed, for who could possibly penetrate the incredible security of the fortress monastery? And who could pass through solid rock and two metre thick adamantium without a key? With a dismissive snort, the intruder walked through the door as though it was nothing but air.


A wretched soul lay within the cell, howling in it's misery. A unique stasis field protected the prisoner from the ravages of time, while at the same time leaving him conscious to constantly endure his own insanity.


On a whim, the intruder lowered his own defenses, becoming visible for the first time since his arrival at the fortress. Almost immediately, alarms began to sound. Slowly, so very slowly, the prisoner became aware of the alien presence. The screaming stopped, and the tortured being's eyes widened in recognition.


"Is it? Is it? Is it time?" the prisoner stuttered, his voice almost incoherent after so long in the grip of madness. "Has. Has. Has he returned?"


The red robed figure grimly shook his head. Taking the prisoner's withered hand in his own, immense fist, he carefully placed a small piece of coal, blacker than a daemons heart in the man's palm. Looking at what he now held, the man began to whimper once more.


When the intruder finally spoke, his voice was as cold and as harsh as a Fenrisian winter. Saliva spat from his lips and stuck to the filthy, matted beard that enveloped his face like a parasite.


"Never forget. Never forgive."


As he spoke, the intruder began to slowly disappear, fading back into the warp. He could not linger. There were other lost souls to visit that night.


"Ho. Ho. Ho."


Alone in his cell again, Luther sobbed in despair.





Merry Christmas everyone! :lol:

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best story I have ever heard! This is truly a story to tell little kids, for if they are not good in the year then Primarch Santa will come to visit you and give you a coal like Luther :), very nice mate Merry Christmas!!
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