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Calvariae Argentum


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I has started a thread for this army a long while back and decided not to Necro it, see the link to the old thread.


Old Thread


As such I have been adding to the army as a whole and plan to resume building them out.


What I have here is the nearly all the models I plan to build into 2 full battle companies, 4th and I'm not sure about the other one, maybe 2nd.


On the left side is what is painted, on the right is what is all work in progress.




The painted side




The work in progress side




So there are some bikes I don't have shown and a bunch of other marines I am going to convert into stern guard, but there it is in all its glory. Hope you like as I try to update weekly.

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I am very excited to see this thread. Gar and I are working up different armies (he SS, me BT), that when combined we will be able to present as "Raider" nation because of the silver and black dominating our armies.


Anyway, this is quite the objective to lay out and I know this will be an awesome looking force for Apocalypse once it is completed.


Paint on, Brother!



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Wow, that's a nice collection! So, what made you chose collect silver skulls? Colour scheme, fluff or a chance of circumstance?


Thank you.


I chose Silver Skulls mostly because they are one of the few chapters that has been around since the Rogue Trader era that seems to continue to pop up from time to time.


They were in the Rogue trader book, on the box art for the original imperial Space marines, and just keep make enough apperances over the last 25 years or so to keep it interesting.


The fluff is also pretty interesting, starting off as trophy hunters to head hunters to whatever they have evolved to now, and yet even though they are supposedly Ultramarine successors ( there is more supportive evidence for this than any other chapter as a ancestor chapter), they certainly do not act like Ultramarines, or any other codex chapter.


I like that they are quirky, by marine standards, but yet hold a record held in high regard and envied by other less notable chapters.


Lastly, they started out as an experiment to see how good I could make a chapter consisting of mostly metallics look. I have obtained over the years a large number of AOBR marines, and used them as the core of my army.


Or the short version reply is they are just plain cool. :)

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