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grey hunters completed


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If it wasnt for the painting challenges i dont know if ever get anything done :P

Anyway here at last are the finished pack.





Found the cloaks on some old sprues being sold in a gamestore in galway.


Also painted up my first two fenrisian wolves



Also got myself a new work station courtesy of my mother-in-law :D


And finally here is where im at with my great company so far


As always and c&c welcome :P

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Some great poses, and the base colours are good and solid but I do think they need some shading and (it may be the photos but) highlighting. A brown or sepia wash on the gold areas (I prefer brown), sepia on the skin, a black wash on the metal (or try blue, I find that gives a nice hue), and...what colour do most SW players use for shading SW armour? Some shading washes will add depth.

Perhaps dry brushing the bases with a lighter tone will bring out their detail too.

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Thanks for comments, not a big fan of washing pa marines they always seem to come out splodgy???? might give the new shades a go but not sure which goes best with shadow grey that i use for my base colour. Also my highlighting never seems to improve the overall model and since im a bit OCD i prefer to leave it out if its not spot on, however practice makes perfect so we'll see. :rolleyes:
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Once you wash them, cover the splodgy main armour parts with a light dry brush to bring the original colour back.


Lovin' the mk6 corvus armour marine with the traditional war hammer / pick - my kinda choice! Armour Piercing and Garlic Mashing in one handy stick. :rolleyes:

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Good idea infyrana never really thought about dry brushing :lol: might try this next time. Picked up the hammer and cloaks in a gamestore in galway where they sell half used sprues, not sure where they are from but would presume WHFB maybe empire.
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Yeah, washes can come out splodgey, but only if you slop them all over your model. Try using a finer brush and applying washes directly into the recesses. Your painting looks really neat so I doubt you'll have any problem with this. To make this even easier, spray them with gloss vanish first and the wash will run into the recesses even easier. Once the wash is dry, either clean up any overspill with some white spirit and a sponge and then spray matt varnish to remove the glossy shine, or matt varnish first and then cover any over spill with the base colour. The second technique works without the gloss varnish too, simply wash into the recesses then touch up with the base colour.


Drybrushing is a handy technique but can be tricky to pull off effectively on space marines because there's a lot of flat, featureless areas. If you must drybrush, try to keep it to the very edges of the armour to avoid scratchy paint strokes across the surface of the armour.

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