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looking to make a hard 1500 point list


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Ok so I am usually an IG player but I have come into possession of some GKs which I though would be a bit of fun to use on the table. I really want to create a list using Grey Knights and IG that is competitive but I am struggling to do so.


I have pretty much everything in the IG box minus chimeras and I currently have like 15 GK termies but I was thinking of buying some more GK stuff should my list require it. I do plan on growing the list to 1850 but that will come in time. for now I want to create a good 1500 point TAC list.


for the IG allies i was thinking;


ccs, astropath (orders and astropath)

PCS (hides in vendetta for last turn scoring)

4x PIS, krak grenades and flamers (thinking of GK HQ in here)

1x vendetta

1x manticore (or any Leman Russ variant)


Im not sure about the GK side but very open to suggestions (I could even just use GK as my allies)...

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Two things:


Firstly, under current B&C policy, we can't discuss anything except power-armoured Allies in the main Knight forum. So, you'll have to ask for the thread to get moved to either the Tactics or Army Lists forums.


Secondly, 1.5k is really too small for Allies to work. We're a pricey army to begin with, so unless you want to go pure Henchmen with IG, its just going to be too restrictive. At 1,850 or 2k its a different story though. I'd definitely hone your skills with two 1.5k lists of Knights and IG seperately. Then try combining them with your MVP units, see how it works out.

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