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Librarium Painting Challenge 2013

Sigismund Himself

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The 2013 Librarium Painting Challenge

It's the start of a new year and we all know that means it's time for the annual Librarium Painting Challenge (also known as the 'LPC'). Functioning as a chance for board members to make a New Year's Resolution to get some models painted by the end of March, the Librarium Painting Challenge offers both positive and negative motivation. The positive motivation is the promise of a newly minted Vow Complete signature, not to mention the glory and camaraderie of participating, while the negative motivation is the infamous Vow Failed signature and the requirement that you do an article for the Librarium (which is quite simple, really not much of a punishment ). So for anyone who received some models (board appropriate ones of course...) this Christmas and is yet to make a serious start on them, this is the perfect challenge for you :lol:

For full rules and information on how to enter, please click here. This is also the thread to pledge your vows. Please don't post your vows here, they won't count!

Once again, the Librarium Painting Challenge is also hosting a challenge within a challenge. This is the LPC Subforum Challenge. In this, every subforum is pitted against one another in competition to see who can get the most completed vows. The winning subforum receives the title of LPC Champions (and bragging rights of course ), not to mention a subforum-specific Vow Completed signature. So get on board now and support your subforum! Remember that only completed vows count.. Will anyone be able to unseat the reigning champions, the supremely talented Dark Angels or will the robed pretty boys (;)) have another year to lord it over the other subforums? You can make a difference!

If you want to view the fun, mayhem and camaraderie invested in the Librarium Painting Challenge, check out the previous year's Challenge. Don't miss out on this once in a year chance! So what are you waiting for? Sign your board name, grab those dusty paints, open those Christmas boxes of space marines and join in!
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Do we get a table like the other chapters showing who's vowed what? I know the other chapters have more vows, but goddamn it, we can win this guys, let's have a little faith in the Ultramarines chapter, sure we're under represented, but we can do this, let's just get ourselves the internal support we need and we CAN do this. Courage and honour!
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