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An interesting idea...


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I have a new idea for a chapter. The ideas that I have are as follows:


Fleet based chapter

Use codex tactics and battle doctrine, but do not use codex organization. Instead, they are organized into companies that have their own fleet and are responsible for their own recruitment and resupply. Each company is spread far and wide. The chapter only rarely fights as one. Each company has its own scouts and veterans. Furthermore, each company's battle brothers are able to fill the roll of tactical, assault, or devastator marine as needed.


They stick to what they feel is the spirit of the codex and add to it as needed. As such, the believe that a chapters forces need to be flexible and capable of carrying out any mission. Their organization is a product of their fleet based nature and views about the codex and flexibility. This has, however, earned them the disapproval of more strict chapters.


They have good relationships with the inquisition and mechanicum. The first, because they would rather be on the inquisition's good side. The second, because they need weapons and they don't have a home base.


They believe in taking the fight to the emperor's enemies and hunting them down.


Because it can sometimes be difficult to resupply while they're in a more remote part of the galaxy, most brothers in the chapter train as artificers.


The chapter recruits when they reach a suitable planet. They host a series of trials and challenges that the populous competes in. Those who pass are adopted into the chapter. Failed aspirants are allowed to serve the chapter as auxilliaries and are trained by the chapter as well. They are often used as liaisons and temporary commanders when the chapter allies with the imperial guard or planetary defense forces.


If the chapter passes a troubled world or a world of doubtable loyalty, the commander will often unleash the chapter's scouts and auxilliaries to hunt heretics. The chapter also gladly lends scouts to inquisitors as part of their training.


How does this sound?


I am also wondering which gene seed I should choose:

Ultramarines: obviously

Imperial fists: fleet based

Raven guard: usage of stealth and covert ops


What do you think?

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You'll run to several issues garnering Liber approval for your Chapter as they stand now.


First, your marines can do...everything. Any specialization, and artificer training? I can understand how you'd think they need that based on their organization, but its still quite over the top.


On top of that, good relations with the Inquisition. This, as a point of fact, does not happen. The Inquisition does not have good relations with the Inquisition. Staying off the big I's radar, staying off their bad side, that's what kind of sort of passes for good relations. Especially for Space Marines who have a fundamentally different(and extremely abrasive) belief system than that to which the bulk of the Inquisition and Ecclisiarchy hold.


Good relations with the Mecahnicus is not as far fetched, but would need some solid explanation, and I guarantee that unless your Chapter has been stricken nigh unto extinction, they don't need that hard-to-justify relationship. The Mechanicus doesn't care about the Astartes, only about the archeotech they occasionally find.


The idea of individual, isolated, self sustaining companies is doable, but you should really reconcile the above issues first. For example, start by determining the Chapter strength. Are they right up at about 1000 marines? Great, make those solo-companies a portion or two bigger than average, and throw in some specialists, even if only a few. You could actually pull off the dual assault-tactical role with tacmarines who simply don't have jump packs, but have still been able to really advance their hand to hand skills. Larger companies will also be easier for a self sustaining Chapter to supply without leaning on the Mechanicus. A forge ship/small forge fleet roughly at the heart of Chapter operations, which would also provide a good staging ground for the occasional meetings/reports of leadership.


Note also that most Chapters have stations throughout the galaxy, large swathes of Imperial space for which they are basically custodians. Your Chapter may have its companies spread far, but they are unlikely to end up on opposite ends of the galaxy from one another.


As for gene-seed, I'd recommend either Ultras or Raven Guard, and I personally lean towards the Raven Guard, who seem to have a more independent personality that suits your vision for their organization. Hope that helps, you've got a good idea going here, keep it rolling.

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I think its a good idea and I could see it coming into fruition.


As for the Gene-seed, I would go with the Ultramarines. Here's the reason to it(the gene-seed is up to you to choose): The chapter thinks that their brothers can not relief enough troops to help support other fronts considering their battles with other xeno races in the area so instead, the first chapter master though that the chapter should bring the fury of the ultramarines gene-seed lineage to their enemies. Thus, making it fleet based. After some time has pass since their founding, their views of the Codex has become a bit more lax than that of their parent chapter. the chapter also realizes that having one fleet was not enough to get from one conflict zone to the other so they instead split their force(companies) into small fleets that could operate on their own so they could bring the wrath of both the Emperor and Guilliman to the enemies.


This is just an idea that came up as i read your post. Hope it helps. ^_^

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Some chapters have close ties to (elements of) the Inquisition. The Red Hunters are an example, and while they're no doubt unusual, there's nothing to say they're unique. Maybe the connection isn't to the =I= as a whole, but to a key sector outpost, or to a particular faction.
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The Inquisition as a whole doesn't technically exist, you can't have good relations with them as it is better to think of them as individual factions (Thorian Inquisitors, Radicals, Puritans, that sort of thing), Ordos or just good relations with a particular Inquisitor.


Backing up what Aegnor says it would be better to link them to a particular faction - maybe stay away from the big Ordos that have Chamber Militants though (like the Ordo Malleus link to the Grey Knights).

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