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Making A diorama on the cheap

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Ok so i know dioramas are the big thing to show off your models, but alot of guys like my self just dont have the time, money or energy to put into some of them. i did the following diorama in about 3 hours for with a budget of about 5 bucks.




keep in mind alot of the material i used was laying aorund my house, so you may end up spending more then i did.


first the materials them selves.


1x post office priority mail box


1x hot glue gun


1x hot glue gun glue stick


1x country crock bucket O'bitz


1x modeling knife


3x paint brushes


assorted games work shop paints


1x gel super glue.


1x pencil


1x ruler




ok so know i took my box and used my bitz bucket to make two semi-perfect circle.




next i cut out my circles that will soon become the base for this project.





now that they were cut out i used the gel super glue to glue them together and dug some bitz out of my bucket.




i used the scraps from my cutting to cover up the card boards oepn edges. hot glue worked for this part just fine.





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i then trimmed the edges and used the hot glue gun to glue my bits to the card bord base.it is important to note that ive used a model knife to cut out were i wanted my models to sit.




i used a balc base coat and let it set. i then placed the bases i would use into the holes i had cut out and drew my guide lines for the bases floor. i desided i wanted a white flag stone look and used bleached bone to paint the stones.




i added hi-lights and began to fill in the crackes for my final wash coat.




after adding it all together i came out with the diorama.




just a few hours and not alot of money.

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Very effective. To be honest I thought the flagstones were molded in some way, not just painted on! It certainly doesn't look as if the base is made of cardboard so congrats to you for making a great display piece!
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