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Iron Warrior's 8th grand company


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Hey everyone,

I have had interest in chaos because evil to complement my space marines. My main interest came in the start of 6th edition rulebook as I could see potential in a chaos space marine force.

This is going to be based around me starting my Iron Warrior force.

I chose to play Iron Warriors because I like using tanks and I like there fluff.

My goal is to have a competive force by the middle of this year

I plan on adding a personal touch on every model if I can and i want it to have a daemonic feel.

The leader of my force is Warsmith Kvasir Ronick.

So to start it off,

ChaosLord Mankor Rorur,


Dark Apostle Orthan Ulirg


Chosen squad Lucifer's vengeance.



and the first marine of Valuis's revenge


none of them are finished but i hope to get them finished over the next week or so.

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just want to show you what i was up to yesterday.

aspiring champion Valuis


i used green stuff to create daemonic flesh from his backpack that holds a servo drill.

I'm unsure if I'm going meld the whole backpack or leave it.

if any has got opinions please tell me

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LPC update 1 January


ok progress on my Chaos Space Marines.


aspiring champion




another bolter


cultist champion 1





during when the forum was down i made up some army fluff


Shenlong prime was the home world of the iron warriors 8th grand company. During the Horus Heresy their home world was overrun by Xeno’s. After the Horus Heresy the Imperium turned it into a Forge World. Since then millenniums have passed and the time of the heresy is over. Now The Iron warriors have returned have claim back there home world and to destroy the Imperial Fist that have been stationed there. The iron warriors captured Shenlong prime after years of battle and now use Shenlong Prime to create daemon engines and weapons to help destroy the imperium and the False Emperor.

The Iron Warriors 8th Grand Company have thought in Warmaster Abaddon’s black crusades, they fought alongside Perturabo at Hydra Cordatus and fought at Ultramar.

The Iron Warriors 8TH Grand Company’s Warsmith Kvasir Rorur reached daemonhood after the battle of Periremunda. Kvasir pleased the dark gods by shedding the blood of millions. Kvasir Rorur choses to stay and command his forces. The Iron Warriors 8TH Grand Company was gifted the 295th Cordatus armoured regiment, a traitor regiment that turned to chaos during on of the iron warrior’s battle

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