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Vulkan Imprisoned?

The 13th Goat

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Hey Guys,


So, in the last two books there have been some interesting references to a rather obscure piece of fluff.


In Angel Exterminatus,

Forrix reflects on Perturabo telling him that he only designed one other Labyrinth for the Night Lords Legion for a special individual.



Again in Betrayer.

Angron's comments Lorgar about how Vulkan would wish he was dead imply they know what's happened to him.




Are the two comments linked, and thus giving us the location of the Vulkan? Will this be what we see later this year?

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The Perfect Fortress

It is a location built by Perturabo in Angel Exterminatus according to the mathematical principles of some dead mathematician philosopher that resulted in a labyrinth fortress with such strange angles that it could not be mapped. But IIRC, the actual name "Perfect Fortress" was given to the EC fortress in Deliverance Lost while Perturabo's Labyrinth was never given a name.


Hmm, sound theory, very possible.

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I don't know, Curze is the one with a bed chamber that makes even Lorgar and Angron go "Eck." I'd say it would be a toss up.


Worst Curze can do is killing him with torture. Fulgrim on the other hand is the master of desecration and defilement. He would fully degrade Vulkan and savor it.

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