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Leonaides' LPC thread 2013


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So, this year I am sticking with Blood Angels, having done a BA contemptor last year (and Lamenters the previous few years).


Vow is for a Dark Vengeance Terminator Squad painted as Blood Angels, by the end of march. I may slip in a few oter models as well since I will probably have to remake some assault marines for Battle Brothers as Nottingham in April as well and want some more special weapon-equipped marines (but thats by-the-by).


At the moment they have had the more distinct Dark Angel symbols removed (feathers, etc) although I plan to GS blood drops onto the shoulderpads in place of the broken swords so have left the wings on the shoulderpads. Didnt seem worth putting up a picture of them at the moment since there is little to see but I might get one up tomorrow when the GS is done (though please dont expect great things from that!).


I'm also planning on (being inspired by the space hulk models) giving these guys a bit more distinct paintwork, honour markings, etc though I havent really thought much on what to put on them - probably going to look back through my 2nd ed C:SM at the pages detailing various honours for some ideas as well.


Back soon,



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So business is slow, my computer has gone belly up (motherboard melted) and I cant really put pictures up at the moment without an image editor to reduce file size. As far as the terminators go - the base armour is done now, and when I get computer back I will try and upload some pictures.


Might be a while though...

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So, really about time I actually put some pictures in here and pulled my finger out...

Back in January they looked like this:


Now, they look like this:


And sergeant is currently this (I think he looks much better without the bunny ears!!!):


I have discovered my bleached bone is dead, and I appear to have mislaid a few bits, but the various trimmings off of DA details went ok, the Greenstuffed blood drops have been scattered around the armours (eg: Sergeants waist-plates and you can just about make out one on the top of the assault cannon marine) and I've put some of the initial gold work on them. Biggest single colours left to do are the gun metals and the bleached bone (terminator crosses and sergeants robe and skulls etc).

Life, sport and work have all got in the way so this has probably been my worst LPC so far, but at least it should get done by the deadline.

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Ho-hum... Apologies for the poor photos, but I need to get it in tonight and I'm cream crackered.


You can see them farily well here, I have decided to have the braiding white (a bit like the old white on red Brit Army uniforms) since it just seems to say 'dress uniform' and a BA terminator should always be in his number 1s...

Not sure if this pic is any better but a bit closer on the sergeant and assault cannon marine:


Havent had a chance to look out for those honour markings and there're still a few bits to tidy up (those piles of spent brass on the AC base, a few slips onto the red armour when I was doing the bone, etc, but I'll catch them tomorrow.

TT standard BA terminator squad, done. Patchups and better photos I'll try and do this week and put in here.

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