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Guardians of the Covenant

The Wolfmeister

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Wasn't a GotC biker shown in the old Codex? It had more red on it, but I would imagine they do not have unique color schemes.


I did dabble with the idea of switching the black and white colors on the Terminators (White background with Black Swords) to show they were in the Inner Circle, but that photo from the new Codex makes me glad I did not do it.

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LikeGMB said. It appears there is no special color or markings. Pg. 72 of the 4th ed. codex shows a Tactical marine and a 2nd Company Biker and the color scheme is the same and so is left Pauldron Chapter Badge. So I would say it would be very similar. but you may want to wait for the 6th ed Codex. they might have one of each marine set up for each successor. Marine, biker and TDA. Let's hope they do for you guys.
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