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What is Taudar?

Sun Reaver

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I have an upcoming competitive game against this guy who told me he plays taudar. I can infer that it's a mix between Tau and Eldar but what does it consist of and how does it work? What strategies so y'all recommend to employ against them?


I run a list with two storm ravens, Mephiston, drop pod frag furioso, 2 assault marines squads, a priest which is allied with two drop podding grey hunter squads, and a rune priest. It's 1999 points.

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Taudar consist of Crisis Suits with Broadsides support. Then for the Eldar you can expect Bike and Eldrad to support. Since Tau have no Psykers they are unaffected by Eldrad but Mephiston will have some trouble with that guy. You may see some Rangers too.
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