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No, Seriously, there will be many, many spoilers ahead; Too many to black out. Ye been warned, lads and lasses.....




Well, generally I don't come down into the hallowed halls of the Inquisition, as my more... grey area *cough*... leanings are frowned upon by the Holy Ordos, lol. Nonetheless, I felt compelled to ask those of you who have read Pariah how you felt about the book. Myself, I thoroughly enjoyed going down memory lane, as the Eisenhorn Trilogy is, in my opinion, one of the greatest 40k pieces ever made. So many old characters and personalities (or their offspring) make an appearence, that I couldn't help but feel like I was reading the old trilogy over again, and anew. The return of the Glaws, the Emperor's Children, Cherubael.... so awesome. KNowing that the whole book was a set-up for a climatic finale between Eisenhorn and Ravenor just made the book so much more intense.


One thing, though, blew my mind clean out the back of my head, and still has me boggled. Towards the end of the book, after "Deathrow" faced down Teke of the Emperor's Children, Beta asked "Deathrow" his true name after finding out that he was one of Eisenhorns' "specialist" agents and not one of the Warblind. I was expecting all sorts of different answers, maybe a link to the old Eisenhorn or Ravenor trilogies...


I wasn't expecting him to say "I am Alpharius".


Okay...hold on a sec... how in the nine hells did Eisenhorn get a freakin' Alpha Legionaire on his team?!? Did I miss something, or was this a shock to you too? What would a son of the Hydra get out of working with Eisenhorn (other than being the awesomest team-up ever)? And this brings up the oldest question in the book.... Are the Alpha Legion loyalists, or traitors?


Your thoughts? What did you like or dislike?

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