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Angels of Vengeance


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So hey guys, yeah the forums are back up...sort of. It has been a long and agonizing week of debating, planning and deciding. With the forums down, i haven't been able to talk to anyone about this mysterious and hard to find any info on chapter.


Anyways, I have made the decision, the unforgiven have beckoned my hand once and for all. I have always enjoyed the dark angels, it was the first marine chapter I went with back in second edition (after I answered the sirens call of the sisters lol). I have played just about every army since those days of second edition, but each time I returned to dark angels, it has been just simply using the rules for my DIY chapter. To be honest, since the days of third, I haven't painted an army (of mine at least), in official color schemes. I have always leaned towards creating my own chapter, developing my own color schemes, meddeling with some fluff. This time, with the cool new models and the hard to get rid of dark angel icons every where on the new sculpts, I have decided instead of developing my own scheme or adopting a DIY chapter to use the codex, i am just simply, going to be build and paint an uffocial army. I have always like the icon for the angels of vengeance, not to mention the name just sounds cool. The color scheme is also a great plus for me since these days my painting time is rather limited what with work, family and full time online classes.


So I have been doing alot of research this week, and its been fun, yet challenging. To be honest, their isn't hardly anything on fluff or background lore on these guys. Just a few paragraphs or two, and on top of that, I can't seem to find very many painted examples for this army, just a couple of single minis, and one deathwing army, but not really anything like a full army or several units.


This means, I sort of get to do my own chapter like a DIY, but its an official one. However, I have been trying to find any and all info I can from those who have done this chapter themselves.


So in a sense, I am doing a call out for all other Angels of Vengeance Brothers to post here, show some pictures, share some lore. What company have you gone with, what did you call your deathwing/ravenwing since they use the same organization but don't call those two companies that. What did you name your company masters?


As for me, I think my army is going to be a 4th company army, with 1st and 2nd attachments. I already started working on the few models I got that needed an army, so I am working on 3 drop pods, a land speeder and two contemptor dreads, while looking to invest in some more models, such as the dark vengeance set, extra 3 bikes and attack bike, extra tac squad, extra death wing squad, and a flyer or two to get started.

I will try my best to get some pics and start a new WIP thread, but for now, Just trying to get extra info, and find out how many angels of vengeance players their really are (at least those from this forum).

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