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WIP thread - 711th CCAB (Chocochip Rats)


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In the last few months I started a new Army as an alternate to my Tau and Dark Angels.

I have about 30-35 Cadians and bought a further 35 Mantic troopers to do a scale comparison and these have since turned into Elysians as they are a lot more realistic scale against the GW herocic scale.


This thread will be a slowly evolving project/wip so expect it to grow and grow. At the moment I am more interested in the painting side so will not be too interested in power lists but more rule of cool - what I like or want to paint!

Starting off the next photo is the Mantic Corporation troops painted up as Elysian drop troops.


I was trying to achieve something like the above and ended up with a fairly close match :wink:


Next I wanted to do something unusual with the Cadians and I liked the choco-chip 1st Gulf War US pattern desert cam pattern.


Here is my initial trial paint scheme


I decided that I was happy with this scheme so I have gone into production with a further 7 models to complete the first squad.


And as I had a vehicle commander lying around I decided to paint him up too


Here is the first Chimera - the packs and rolls will be painted up in the choco-chip scheme too. Alot of the time the equipment and vehicles where left in the standard green colour but the clothing was the desert cam version hence the vehicles will stay green.


I also have a Techpreist that is all done


There is also a half complete Valkyrie in the works, maybe some photos later :smile.:

As I said - at the moment I am just painting stuff I want to without any thought to playability so bare with me at first.
The fluff at the moment is that the Cadians and Elysians have joined forces together and the difference in paint schemes is that the Elysians have just arrived and they are yet to receive their desert equipment.
C&c welcome :yes:

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Good camo job, brother, it looks really nice. Here's a suggestion getting those Mantic troopers to fit in better; an old trick to 40k-ify a weapon is to replace the gun barrel with a lasgun barrel. Simples. That said, the gun barrels already look pretty close to lasgun barrels so, you could get away with leaving them as there are. :smile.: Edited by Olisredan
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I will be leaving the barrels as they are for now. As you can see they are quite similar to the GW ones and I don't know at the moment how many spare lasguns I have in my bits box.

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Welcome Elmo,


Great looking miniatures you have there , allthough i must say that the mantic guardsmen look better then the cadian ones, cant put my finger on it as to why, most likely a personal opinion :).


All in all a great looking army when placed on the table top, keep the updates coming!



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I too really like the camo, as I can never do it myself!

As for the Elysians I would never thought of using Mantic minis though do they certainly do look the part. My only critique being that I would have went for standard IG lasguns over the Mantic standard as the Mantic ones are too curved to look the part but that's personal preference..


Overall really good job keep it up!



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Thanks guys...


been busy every evening so far - the bodies and legs are done and did the heads last night (the helmet covers are time intensive :wallbash: ). Starting on the arms tonight then equipment tomorrow and pictures uploaded on Fri (hopefully).

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I also like the camo, it can be difficult to get it looking right but you'd done a great job. For me the random aspect of it is the hardest bit as my natural inclination is to put everthing in order :P Your tanks are the same as mine... only with weathering. Can you tell me how you did it? I've yet to find a technique/result that didn't end up looking wrong :(
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Ah, facmanpob - nice to see you down from the lofty heights of "The Rock" and here amongst the lowly Guardsmen :tongue.:


(I have not moved away from the DA, just spreading myself around a little :wink: )

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Ah, facmanpob - nice to see you down from the lofty heights of "The Rock" and here amongst the lowly Guardsmen :tongue.:


(I have not moved away from the DA, just spreading myself around a little :wink: )

Hehe......I'll share an Inner Circle secret with you......I have a 5-man push fit Cadian box at home that I've been using to try out rapid painting techniques using nothing but washes over a basecoat.....ssshhhhhh! :whistling:

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I have lots of Mantic stuff in teh shop, and although i have been looking at doing something for 40k with them, i wasnt sure it would work.

You have convinced me that i can do ELysians for much cheaper than FW prices ;)

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Thanks guys.


I was not too sure about the Mantic figures either but I got a good deal on a set of 35 and they work well as Elysians.

Look out for the other 30 some time in the future......


The Cadians are going a little slow at the moment - still on the arms. Hope to still get them tonight.

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Soooooooooo..... I pulled out all the stops last night to get the first choco-chips done and here they are in all their camoness....










And as a bonus I managed to complete this vehicle commander figure



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Here is the first post for my LPC vow


I, Elmo9141 of the Emperor's Glorious Imperial Guard, vow on the honour of my Regiment to paint and present at least 1 x 10man veteran unit on or before the 31st of March, 2013. I promise to provide at least two WIP updates, preferably with pictures, in that time. I vow that if I should fail, I will provide the Librarium with an article and wear the Signature of Shame until my penitence period is done.


Here is the initial photo - the plan is for 10 Vets, Sgt with plasma pistol, 1 melta and 2 plasma



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Been a bit cold for spraying here (-12°C outside) so I have carried on with some bits that where already sprayed earlier.




I also repainted the canvas and backpacks on the Chimera to match the chocochip cam pattern. The vehicles will stay green to give the authentic GW1 look.





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I have now completed my LPC vow


Veteran Squad 409









C&c is always welcome :yes:

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