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Out of the Knights box and a shooty termie box you can build a Command Squad / Shooty Blinged Termies and a Knights box. I have an Assault Cannon and one pair of DW legs from the Vets box, so I will also use that :)
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Yep. If you don't already have tone of regular Terminators, get one box of regular Terminators (shooty or assault) for every one box of DW Knights/Command, and you'll have plenty of bits to bling out that other set of Terminators as Deathwing Terminators. That other box will also cost you less too. A nice Deathwing force can be made from the follwing:


1 set of Dark Vengeance Deathwing Terminators

2 sets of Deathwing Knights/Command

1 set of Terminators

1 set of Assault Terminators


That will make a unit of Deathwing Knights, a Deathwing Command Squad, and three units of blinged out Deathwing Terminators variously armed; more so if magnets are used. Those are all 5-man units, so that is 25 Terminators there. Add in Belial or another TDA HQ, plus Deathwing Land Raiders and Deathwing Dreadnoughts to taste. That is basically my plan, as I have plenty of regular Terminators (shooty and assault) already.

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If you get a set of 5 cataphractii terminators from forge World you can use the Deathwing Knight components with those and still have enough left over to make a Deathwing squad with or without the command options.
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