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Shrineworld Garrison (AoP2018)


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Completed my Master of Ordnance a couple of days ago, along with a couple more optional weapons for my CCS officer (in addition to the already-shown golden bolter).

The Master of Ordnance and private D'Ogsbod were made and painted rather quickly, but I'm happy with them. The MoO has blue markings (my army's Support colour) with yellow trim (ends of the lanyard, the skull on his shoulder. My army's command colour). Similar to my Pask's blue shoulder armour with yellow trim.



Now I look at it on the screen, I'd really like to add a banner to that aerial! Well, perhaps in the future.

My CCS senior officer's two new optional sidearms, a laspistol and bolt pistol (to be carried by his servo-skull gun-caddy).


Yes, the laspistol's pistol grip could have been better a bit further back, but the pistol grip (on both weapons, in fact) was a cut-off from a bolter (I rarely throw anything away) and the trigger-guard area had been mangled. I doubt anyone'll notice on the tabletop :wink:

The pistol itself was made from a standard M36 Kantrael Pattern Lasrifle (those that come in the Cadian infantry squad) with much of the front of the weapon cut away and the end of the barrel reattached. I like the look as it's a bit bigger than the sergeant's one. Reminds me a bit of Han Solo's blaster...suppose I could've added a scope to make it more so.

Here are some images of the weapons in use:



...and that's me done for a long while. My son is due to be born in 17 days' time. Yesterday I cleared away all my modelling gear.

When I do have the time for modelling more, the following reinforcements await building/painting:

4x guardsman with melta gun

4x guardsman with flamer

2x guardsman with plasma gun (a conversion)

2x guardsman with grenade launcher (a conversion)

3x mortar heavy weapon team

1x standard bearer

3x lascannon heavy weapon team

a handful of other spare guardsmen

a third of a sniper special weapons team

8x conscripts (in the vein of private D'Ogsbod above)

a medicae Cities of Death strategem

a control center Cities of Death strategem with holomap and hardwired (poor bugger) operator

...until then, I'll just be watching and commenting. :smile.:

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Indeed! :D

I shall name him private Patsy D'Ogsbod, make clip-clop sounds when he moves and, in a combination with Sir Robin's minstrel, have him sing whenever the Company Command Squad fail a morale test and run away. ;)

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After hearing that GW will not be producing any more minis for the Specialist Games, nor the WHFB & 40k Collectors, I decided to lay down some cash on minis I'd always wanted to get 'sometime', and get myself another Mordian squad.


At the moment my CCS and PCS are both naked (just lasguns) so I'm planning to swap in some special weapons (I'm thinking plasma or sniper rifles for the CCS, quad flamers for the PCS). The four lasgun-guardsmen that will free-up, plus some other spares and that new squad I've ordered should let me complete two more infantry squads for a total of four. A reasonable number to compete my House Kierdale platoon if I get back into modelling and find GW no longer sells Mordians.


I also ordered Lord Solar Macharius (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat1490651&prodId=prod1140060) as I've always loved and wanted that mini. Might keep him as a senior officer (Creed counts-as, perhaps) or do him as a statue.


Talking of statues, in the background of the Kierdale's Shrine World garrison I mentioned that a statue of friar Kierdale was erected. I'd always planned to get the Preacher Josef mini from Inquisitor (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat490043a&prodId=prod1110223) and do it as a statue (though convert it a little: remove his hair for one). Thus I put in an order for him.

Got to find or make a good plinth...


And finally ordered the Mordheim Road Warden (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat490053a&prodId=prod1120071). The mounted one will be a rough rider sergeant for my rough riders converted from Empire Outrider/Pistoliers. I intend to convert that crossbow into some kind of close-range melta-bomb catapult/delivery device.

And the foot-version will get that pointing left hand twisted a little, a las pistol put in it, and he'll be an Overseer for a Psyker Battle Squad (made from Empire Flagellants). I love the scrolls and parchment attached to him, the baggy pants fit in with the other feudal elements of the army, and it brings yet another hammer-wielder to the army. :)

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  • 4 weeks later...

A belated thankyou, The Colossus.

I managed to squeeze a bit of free time today (the missus and son were out), grabbed my modelling knife, superglue, a file and a couple of sprues...

...and managed to put together the first of my shotgun vets (planning a Harker-led, tri-flamer, shotgun-armed Forward Observers squad).

Shotgun care of SM scouts. I kept the lasgun stock that is moulded into the IG arm and trimmed the back of the shotgun to fit. Used the Catachan head from the Chimera kit and I like how it turned out. Didn't have the time for anything fancy. I plan to do that with some of the other members (setting up a trip-wire, etc). Still need to add this vet's knife and canteen.




I'm as yet undecided as to how I'm going to paint this squad. I don't particularly want to give them GS cloaks and so intend to do their `camo cloaks` as heavy camo paint (more on this later). When I first thought up the squad I had City Fight in my mind and was going to go for urban camo...but then again the rest of my army is `green` colour-wise.

As for the camo paint, I remember being told as a kid that real camo cream isn't put on like paint in zigzags and tiger stripes like it is in Hollywood, but rather just to cut down on reflection. So, do I go for realism and minimal effect, or something more `Hollywood`, which might end up looking better on the tabletop...?

Advice and comments most welcome.

I also got my Necromunda Orlock and Goliath gangs at last, which will provide parts for my IG (the Orlocks more than the Goliaths). I may try to make my Harker-counts-as from the Orlock heavy, and the Orlock leader (a nice mini with a double-barrelled shotgun) may be converted to be tossing a demolitions charge as an optional swap-in to the unit (so I can give the shotgun vet unit the demolitions doctrine).

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Thanks, WarriorFish.

Managed to scavenge an hour or so today for some modelling (with my son strapped to my chest in a harness, between bottle feeding and nappy changing), and got a little more work done on my veterans.

First up, my counts-as-Harker. I'm not overly keen on the official model and picked up the Orlock gang a while back. I like the look of the Heavy from the gang but got a heavy stubber with him in the pack, so decided to make use of a SM scout heavy bolter...




He comes with a nice backpack with a huge knife, a belt of ammo and a lot of grenades. Perfect.

He is a little slimmer/smaller than the beefcake Catachans, but I don't mind having some smaller guys in with the big boys. He's the boss anyway. Probably got an inferiority complex...hence the heavy bolter.

And a flamer guy. Flamer from either the Orlock or Goliath gang (whichever it is, I have the flamer from the other as well, which will also be used in this squad. I like the esoteric mix of models of weapons. Likewise some of the vets will have other models of shotguns as well as the SM scout ones).



Not started on him yet, but this mini is the one I intend to make into my Marbo. I'll be using the autopistol from the top of the sprue on the left, adding a scope and a box magazine from an Umbra Ferrox bolter to jazz it up into a ripper pistol. Will also add a demo charge slung on his back.

Might consider raising the right forearm...or leave it down, as if he's going to get someone with his knife instead...

what do you think?


And finally, inspired by a Night Lords miniature I saw here on the B&C: a Night Lord putting a grenade into an empty Imperial Fist helmet -

Punk Possum's work here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/272895-xxi-cohort-of-the-viii-night-lords-legion/

- I'm making a veteran putting a grenade into a CSM helmet. Might do it as a NL helmet :wink:

Obviously haven't cleaned off his mould lines yet. Or given him legs.

Pardon the first, blurred, shot. The CSM helmet will be hollowed out further if I can get a decent drill bit. Otherwise the hollow will simply be painted black.




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These are some great conversions, good use of the Scout HB. The helmet grenade is perfect for the sneaky trap laying Catachans too, they're going to look great when they're painted up!


I'm still musing on plans for my second Veteran squad, I think I'll be pilfering some of your stuff for the "ideas box" :)

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Reposting lost posts

Got a bit of work done on my Psyker Battle Squad over the course of a few lunches...

Still WIP, bear in mind.


The first one. I don't want all my psykers with Aquila-topped staffs (though some will). Kierdale's Shrineworld is a feudal world and a bit rough around the edges. These psykers may have been trained on Terra but, well, old habits die hard.

This boy got a bit of cranial cyberware and the flesh around it will be suitably discoloured. In fact I'll be painting them all distinctly paler than the rest of the army. Might do a little green glow from behind/through the blindfold.


Another angle of the same psyker, showing his Aquila flail. I had an Aquila hammer earlier in the thread, so....why not?


The first one I made. I like the left hand pose: will have some green glow in the palm/OSL on the fingers as if he's casing something.


As I said, I don't want everyone with staffs, hence this one got a big old sword.


The rod looks very thick here. I'm hoping painting it will reduce that. I may make another/the next psyker's staff from the thinner of the two rod types here. Glue's still wet (had to hurry a little). And still needs his pistol in his right hand. He will get an Aquila to top his staff.

This one's staff has since been replaced with staff parts from the Flagellants kit. Will post an updated photo when it's completed.

All will have the eye-symbol of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica painted onto their robes. Perhaps some tattoos on all that exposed flesh too.

Oh, and a quick image of the PSB's pistols, cut down from Catachan lasguns. A little longer than the one my Company Commander has (his was cut down from a Cadian rifle. The Catachan ones have an extra...what to call it...`block`).


I've been working on converting some Dwarf Thunderers/Quarellers into Ratling Squat snipers. The Thunderers are not a pretty kit, with some nasty gaps which will need GS filling eventually. I put together the sniper rifle from the body of a crossbow, with the bow arches turned into a bipod (which works nicely what with the cogs). White rod for the barrel and scope. The magazine is from a nice sprue full of little sculpted panels I picked up in a hobby shop over here (I think it's made for Gundams and the like. Must post a link to the company website sometime as they have a wealth of useful little bitz like vents, spikes, etc). The bolt handle is the trigger guard of the crossbow, stuck on the side.

Removing the chainmail...


And cutting in a quilted pattern, as per the good ol' squat minis.


The rifle.



And the sniper wielding it.



His helm needs a bit more sanding down, and will be GS'd into a bandana. The gaps behind his arms...I think I'll either GS-fill them or GS a cloak over his back.

I have enough dwarves for six snipers, and actually enough parts for eight sniper rifles it seems, so I might make two extras for scenery (a Cities of Death strategem, for example).

I'm planning to give the head sniper a servo-skull targeter.

And, as per Warrior Fish's advice, I'm concentrating on my shotgun vets for the present. I'll come back to the PSB and Ratlings Squats later.

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Got more work done on my Harker-shotguns-and-flamers veteran squad.

I have six of them made, and got around to basing three today. I'll be making five more (I know that adds up to 11: one will be an optional, carrying a demo charge) but want to get a Catachan command squad first (for a couple of the leg poses and the heavy flamer).


Little guy on the right is from Necromunda. Really does show how GW humans have grown over the years. Thus I call him `Titch` and consider him the newest member of the veteran squad. Some of the other squad members have non-SM scout shotguns too (another double-barrelled one, and an alternative pump action).

Leftmost veteran has his left hand both on the shotgun's pump and is holding his knife ready.

On the base of the middle one you can see a vent. This I got on a sprue of many similar style vents of different sizes. For putting on Gundams apparently.

Another angle:


You can see the power cord (guitar wire) out the back of the aircon vent here.

And I got my Marbo's basing started.


The demo charge is the lower half of a Cadian vox set (the upper half also provided a demo charge for a veteran squad. Photos of that soon). His base looks a little empty now but once he's painted up I'll be adding both tufts and long grass that he'll be stalking through.

Over the weekend I should also be getting a start on my Scythes of the Emperor...

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nice work on the vets bases :) the vox unit is a piece of kit that just keeps giving, i cut mine down exactly the same as the one above and use them as power packs for power weapons, the aerial off the top i use as power mauls, i just need to find a use for the middle bit now :)

squat is nice, looking forward to seeing more

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Thank you gents!

Yes, that vox is a really nice piece/source of pieces. Must remember to keep a couple for use as actual voxes though!

Great work on those bases, I look forward to seeing them painted! That demo charge looks somewhat familiar, like maybe you should be sliding it along floors under ghosts... :tongue.:

Now you mention it, it does look a hell of a lot like one of those traps! Will describe it thus should I ever fight daemons ;)

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Thank you very much, Veteran Sergeant!

And thank you too, Dadieau. Once I have a few more units complete (my Flagellant psykers, shotgun vets and a Primaris Psyker) then perhaps I'll take some decent photos and send them to White Dwarf daily.

And an update:

Harker based. Put him atop some rubble for extra height.


The idea here was that he's about to flame a sewer opening or hatch in the ground...but I can't help thinking he's screaming "Get outta my pool! Get the :cuss outta my pool NOW!"




Optional demo charge lobber.


And the squad poser.



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Thanks, WarriorFish. I wanted to add some character to this squad via their bases, particularly since the rest of the army is based with a more of a countryside-theme and designed these boys for urban combat/CoD.

I've got two more to base: one with a flamer and the other putting the grenade in a CSM helmet, then the last two to make: one with a heavy flamer and the last kneeling setting a trap (which should end up looking like a claymore mine, representing another aspect of the Forward Observers doctrine).

I bought the Catachan command squad box on Monday specifically for the kneeling legs for that trap-setter, the above poser's legs and the heavy flamer. Got a wealth of other cool parts in that box too. My bitz box swells!

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The Catachan CS box is great, full of nice bits :) I like to raid it to help customise my Veterans. It's also much better than the normal Catachan kits in content, quality and scaling which is why I hope the poor Catachans get new models as it's holding them back!

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Yes, WarriorFish, the command squad Catachans seem less bulky. And so many options in there, unlike the Catachan squad with only flamers as the special weapon 'choice'!


Veteran Sergeant, thanks for the suggestion but I think I'll keep Mr.Pool Attendant as he is. :)


Hopefully will have the rest of the squad completed over the next week or so. My time is divided between this squad and my Scythes of the Emperor at the moment.

Edited by Kierdale
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I have decided -more as a test of how good a mini I can produce to a tight deadline rather than in any hope of placing- to enter my Marbo (unpainted up in post #61) in this year's Golden Demon Nippon...on September 23rd.

Now, any good (or bad) entry needs a name.....and I'm open to suggestions.

Imagine the above mini in tiger stripe camo, stalking through some jungle terrain, and you'll get the idea (no photo to post as I'm currently doing my painting at work).

I know its crazy asking for suggestions for a mini you can't see (but for the bare metal version). Still, any and all cool suggestions are welcome. :)

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