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Noise marines and sonic weapons- army viability

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So, I am close to finishing my plague army and want to take on a new project. So, I turned to the god of excess hoping to find my pleasures there.


I was hoping to run 6 units of noise marines, 2/3 with sonic blasters + blast masters then the rest of the units with CCW and the champ armed for close range (doom sirens). The HQs will be blackheart stand in and a lord (probably with lightning claw and brand) - this will be the core of the army



The only reservation I have is the effectiveness of this build. Will sonic weapons work as well as I hope. The army face a lot is tau and constantly come up against 3-2+ cover saves all over the place BUT will this build hold up against all comers? Any other things that i have overlooked under the lure of the god of excess?


Thanks B&H

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Personally, I see two ways to run an effective noise marine unit:


5 Noise Marines: 4 Sonic Blasters: 107 points




5 Noise Marines: Bolters, 1 Blast Master: 125 points


Full squads of 10 are going to run you over 300 points when fully equipped, which is a significant investment, especially when compared to other units that are probably going to be more effective for the points.

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