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Drop pod markings


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Hey guys, i am working on painting up 3 drop pods, and I have been doing some research on markings. I have searched thru my marine codexes, I have searched on line, but it seems the only marking I have seen on drop pods is just a chapter marking. Why is it that all other marine vehicles have squad and company markings, but drop pods only seem to have their chapter icon on them.


Reason i ask, is I was thinking of putting my company marking and the squad its attached to, but not really sure where they would go if I put them on the drop pods. As it is, once the pod lands on the table, it doesn't really matter which unit it is attached to, just that it is from your army. I am guessing that is why none of them ever seem to have any company markings on it.


So where would you guys place extra unit/company markings at?

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For me, a drop pod is a fleet asset to be used as needed by whatever unit and company are on board, so I would be inclined to use the chapter symbol and perhaps devise a unique fleet marking.


Also makes it easier to reassign within your army as it grows.


Ultimately, rule of cool prevails and you should go with whatever option you are happiest with.


Hope that helps.

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Yes, I understand its a fleet asset, however at the same time, each company is often assigned a strike cruiser, which then would mean, that particular fleet asset is also assigned to that company, so it could have the company marking at least. I probably wont put any unit markings, and for now I guess I will just put the chapter icon on the doors. Still since I am building up an Angels of Vengeance force and my drops pods are mostly used by my 4th company units, I might try to get the company marking on their, as the cricle with top row of checks would look cool. Its just..where do I place it at, thats the real question, where would I place any option other markings.
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