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Questions about The Fallen

Mike Oliver

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I have a few questions about the Fallen.


I know a little bit about them. But from what I have gathered reading Dark Angels fluff The Fallen are scattered throughout the universe and are usually found individually.


But are there actually "Fallen" companies? I mean, couldn't a company have gotten away, or perhaps a handful of Fallen linked up with other renegades and made their own "Renegade" Fallen?

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The Fallen are snakes. That's all you need to know. NOW GO PURGE, DAMN IT!


Ahem. By and large, the Fallen tend to operate through fomenting insurrections and operating as generals to warbands of non-Fallen traitor marines. There's rarely more than a handful of them at any given time, and that's a pretty high concentration as far as the Inner Circle is concerned. For perspective. during the 13th Black Crusade, the Unforgiven captured a measly 15ish Fallen from the thousands of assorted Chaos Marines in the area. And that was considered amazing hunting in such a small time frame.


All that said, it's a pretty big galaxy, and the Fallen are under the thrall of the very essence of entropy and fateweaving, thus nothing prevents a turn of events from unfolding that would lead to a large concentration of Fallen operating as a self-contained warband, give or take a few cultists as padding.

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Ahh... thank you gentleman. Would it be completely unheard of, as say, a Renegade Warband, have a few "Fallen" in it with recently turned Space Marines? Or is that too far fetched?


no, a traitor warband could have a few Fallen in who have turned to Chaos.


The issue with Fallen coming together in larger numbers is that the trail gets so much easier the more they hang out with each other. DA are very, very, very, very, very good at finding even a hint of a Fallen, and thats when they try to hide. A group hanging out together would start to attract a lot of attention and would soon lead to DA catching up with them. The only ones who would not care would be Chaos Fallen who have gathered into a warband. Or those who lead whole worlds into heresy.

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