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Need help with Paint Scheme


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I need some help with painting the shown figure. So here are my questions:

1. What color or wash should I use to shade the robes?

2. What color should I make the underside of the robes?

3. What color eyes?





(The regular PA guys will have less yellow)

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For the robes it depends on what sort of final yellow you want. For a drab, mustard yellow use sepia/brown wash applying thinned coats and increasing the amount of layers further into the creases to enhance the shade. For a more vibrant yellow mix up an orange wash or heavily thin an orange paint and apply it in the same manner.

For the underside of the robes I'd use bone/cream for the drab yellow or pure white for the vibrant yellow.

For the eyes I think a dark red or green would really stand out or even purple.

Just my opinions though and there are plenty of people on here who have a better grasp of colour theory and what works than me laugh.png

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