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BSB's LPC and PtR WIP Thread

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So I made me a vow, to paint one Belial and 5 DW Knights by the end of March. Without further ado, I have begun work on Belial! (also happens to be my PtR vow for January)


base model:



First WIP:



second WIP:



I have pretty much completed the model at this stage.

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You need to remember that some of your Brothers here (me) have fading eyesight due to being hunched over our painting stations for long periods of time eek.gif

Need bigger pictures :)

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me so lazy, however, I have remained faithful and finally completed both my PTR vows (all 6 of them) and my LPC challenge.



Sooo after a lot of mucking around and taking my time, I have finally completed these guys.


3 photos for you!





WIP picture



Final Knights


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