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Creating a Blog

Sun Reaver

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this so if I am violating any rules, please feel free to remove this post.


With that out of the way, I was wondering if anyone had any experience in making a blog. My inspiration is Jawaballs and I want to make a blog quite similar to his. I would discuss army lists, tactics, painting, and feature battle reports. I created a blogspot, but with new changes Google made, it involves a lot of Google+. How do I create a solid looking blog that allows people to easily access and comment on like Jawas?

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Whatever your reasons for starting a blog here are a few suggestions.


There is nothing wrong with Blogger / Blogspot. I use it as well. If you're wanting lots of page views interest and the page to be more easily avalible create that Google+! Whatever your feelings for Google and that media, it is fairly nice for what it does and really helps in this type of situation.


Next is advertise! You won't get page views unless you tell people its out there! Do you have friends in the hobby? Make some posts and send them out to them! Ask them to send it out to more people! Thats the best way to start! Advertise within your gaming group too! if you're taking BatReps and posting them lots of people you play with will want a link so they can see what you're saying for themselves! Not only opens their eyes based on what other people think about their playing but reveals a lot about you as a player! Add it to your Signature. Post it on websites, reddit, wherever. If you make a WIP post on your page, or finish something link to the actual article in your blog instead of posting pictures! Unless thats board policy where you're posting, then do both!


Prof Read! Edit! Prof Read again! Edit again! Ask someone else to read! Make final corrections, prof read those corrections, post! No one wants to read sub quality blogs! Making a post on a forum board is one thing. Your posts are supposed to be fast and timely. Otherwise you can derail the direction a conversation goes by readdressing something covered 12 hours ago, irrelevant to the current conversation. Typos and errors find their ways in, thats the nature of the beast. Almost pretend that everything you post is getting graded. To an extent, it is!


Keep your material interesting! Keep it quality! Don't tell bland stories! Make :cuss up! Tell a good story!


The most important part, HAVE FUN WITH IT!

I started up a blog recently as well, but its so that my friends back home can see what I'm doing with my army where I am, and so that I can keep myself motivated in my projects. Someplace I can document them! I say good luck to you and have fun!

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The Typo demons come! To arms, brothers!



For my blog, I actually use tumblr. I didn't really look around much to see what options I had, but it works very well and the tumblr community as a whole is quite entertaining. If you want to have a look, the link is in my sig.


Otherwise, I very much agree with Kickrock - keep a firm grip on your quality of content and update times. Missing one or two updates can be catastrophic for your work on the blog. Speaking of which, I need to find time to post again soon....

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I have just noticed that my blogspot looks a lot different than Jawa's. Is that just HTML coding?

Could be. It could also be that he has a whole custom theme for his blog (possible on tumblr; compare my blog with my girlfriend's blog[/url, for example). I really don't know for certain.

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