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Multi wound models and wound allocation


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Greetings gents, I would like to know how you handle the following situation:


a unit of paladins takes non ID fire resulting in a wounded paladin. Then the unit takes more fire from a different unit on the opposite side.


The wounded paladin is NOT the closest model and is in fact out of range of the second firing unit (see new faq for relevance).


Do you:

1. allocate wounds to the closest paladin leaving the wounded model alive.

2. allocate wounds to the wounded paladin and say screw range.

3. other?

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I'm not a gent, but I'll answer anyway.


In 6th edition you always allocate to the closest model (unless it is a character and passes a Look out, Sir roll), regardless of the number of wounds remaining in a multi-wound squad. There is nothing in the FAQ that indicates a change to this, other than to say that if the closest model is out of range of all firing models then it cannot be wounded.

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