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IG intercept reserves and acute senses outflanking?


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If a wolfpriest has saga of the hunter and outflanks with a group of marines, and the opponent has a officer of the fleet IG in his army, then the outflank role can be made to both help and mess up the role, which has presendse? Do you just roll a 50% chanse to see which is used?

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"In addition, If any enemy units arrive using the outflank rule, you may choose to make your opponent re-roll the dice used to determme which board edge these squads arrive from", C:IG, Pg.31


"If a unit contains at least one model with this special rule, and that unit arrives on a random table edge (due to Outflank, or other special rule), then you can re-roll to see which table edge they arrive from.", BRB, Pg.33


"In some situations, the rules allow you to pick up and re-roll a dice.


The second roll counts, even if it means a worse result than the first, and no single dice can be re-rolled more than once, regardless of the source of the re-roll.", BRB, Pg.5


"While playing Warhammer 40,000, you'll occasionally discover exceptions to the general rules sequence laid out here,


At other times, you'll find that both players will have to do something at the same time.  When these things happen, the player whose turn it is decides the order in which the events occur.", BRB, Pg.9


So, if both of you have re-rolls to affect the Outflank roll you decide who makes the choice to use the ability.  (Decide to have your opponent make the choice first).

Only if your opponent decides to make you re-roll and you don't want to allow it does a conflict occur, as you can't re-roll a re-roll.

In past editions, a common practice was that having two re-rolls from both players negated each other forcing the original roll to stand.
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