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DIY Chapter Homebrew bits


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These are special characters and unique things for my DIY chapter, currently known as the Protectors (name MAY change).

Help with estimated points costs would be appreciated.


Chapter Master Adamas

WS6 BS5 S4 T4 W4 I5 A4 LD10 SV2+

Unit Type: Infantry (Character)


  • Tartaros Terminator Armour: Confers 2+ Armour save, and allows Sweeping Advances.
  • Godslayer: Master-Crafted Thunderhammer that strikes at Strength 10
  • Storm Shield
  • Frag and Krak Grenades
Special Rules:
  • Independent Character, And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics
  • Rites of Battle: When Adamas is alive, all allied Space Marine units can use his Leadership for Morale and Pinning tests.
Dedicated Transport: Adamas and his Guardian Knights must use the Spartan Assault Tank as their dedicated transport.


Guardian Knights

WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I4 A2 LD10 SV2+

Unit Composition: 10 Guardian Knights (if Adamas is taken as your Warlord, this unit MUST be taken as his Honour Guard)

Unit Type: Infantry


  • Thunderhammer
  • Storm Shield
  • Tartaros Terminator Armour
Special Rules:
  • And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics
  • Honour or Death: All Guardian Knights must direct their attacks against an enemy Independent Character in base-contact if one is present, and always re-roll failed to-hit and to-wound attempts against such a target.
  • Protection Mandate: Whilst in base-contact with at least two Guardian Knights, Adamas cannot be singled out by Precision Shots or Precision Strikes.

Master Chaplain Haedean

WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W3 I5 A3 LD10 SV2+

Unit Type: Infantry (Character)


  • Furious Wrath: 24" S4 AP5 Assault 3, Poisoned (2+)
  • Master-Crafted Power Maul
  • Terminator Armour
  • Iron Halo (the chapter is anti-Imperial Creed, thus doesn't have any Rosarius)
Special Rules:
  • Independent Character, Combat Tactics, Honour of the Chapter, Liturgies of Battle

Chief Librarian Maraad

WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W3 I5 A3 LD10 SV2+

Unit Type: Infantry (Character)


  • Diamond Blade: Master-Crafted Force Sword, Precision Strikes made with the weapon cause successful Invulnerable saves to be re-rolled.
  • Adamantium Helm: Counts-as a Psychic Hood, and confers the Adamantium Will special rule.
  • Terminator Armour
Psychic Powers: Maraad always knows these powers by default, but is able to roll for random powers from the Warhammer 40000 rulebook.
  • Forewarning
  • Null Zone
  • Crush
Special Rules:
  • Independent Character, And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics, Psyker Mastery Level 3

Forgemaster Daelo

WS4 BS5 S4 T5 W2 I4 A2 LD10 SV2+

Unit Type: Infantry (Character)


  • The Destructor: Melee, +1 Strength, AP1, Master-Crafted, Armourbane, Unwieldy
  • Phased Plasma Gun: 12" S6 AP3 Assault 1
  • Terminator Armour
  • Machinator Array: Adds +1 Toughness (already included in profile), confers the Night Vision special rule, carries a Flamer and a Melta Pistol, adds +2 to Blessing of the Omnissiah attempts, and has the following profile for close-combat: Melee, +1 Strength, AP2, Unwieldy, Shred, Armourbane
Special Rules:
  • Independent Character, Combat Tactics, Blessing of the Omnissiah, Bolster Defences, Lord of the Armoury
  • Steel Will: Daelo's mind is more machine than organic now, so he benefits from the Fearless special rule.
  • No, you're reading it right. Daelo is meant to have Terminator Armour! He is the brilliant-minded Forgemaster of the Protectors, bordering (or falling right into) "techno-savantism". His Destructor weapon is a product of his studying a recovered Necron Warscythe, and his gun is a recovered archeotech. The Machinator Array is a gift from the AdMech for his exceptional skill with technology.
  • The stats for Haedean and Marrad came from the DA Interrogator Chaplain and Ezekiel stats, respectively.
  • Guardian Knights are a fusion (of-sorts) of Deathwing Knights and GK Paladins.
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