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Dark Rage's LPC 2013 (complete 17th march)

Dark Rage

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Hey all,


 I thought I would try and get an early start on the LPC this time round, I dont know when I will next be busy. I vowed to finish a company master and a Venerable for the LPC, here are the pictures.






(Edit) resized images on Photobucket but for some reason didnt update old ones so changed to links


C&C welcome.


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A little Wip update for the company master, should be done in a day or so, also abit of topic but I came across this weapon in the ravenwing box and didnt notice anything about it in the Codex, unless I missed it so a little kitbash as well.


Master Progress




Power Bat




C&C welcome

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That's awesome Dark Rage, I love that conversion. It's almost hysterical the way that fits so well!


As far as for game use, I think that's simply a power maul of a different form.


Maybe he's been seconded from the Angry Marines.

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Company master done, swapped out the sword for a Mace of Redemption, dreadnought next.







C&C welcome


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That Company Master looks great. I think I'm going to have to pinch that idea I'm afraid!


I based my Company Master off Seraphicus, but gave him a power sword in place of the Crozius. It wouldn't look right with him wielding a Mace so high, so you've done it nicely. 




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Hey everyone,


 Final Update, just completed the Dreadnought, took some time to get it finished. I also added a little change to the master as well.


Here's the pictures




Links of the dreadnought







C&C welcome

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Awesome work, love em both.

great use of checkering,insignia and hazard stripes thumbsup.gif

it looks like the Haz stripes are a little too clean for being on the nasty end of the fist..but that may just be the picture.

the stripe down the hood is top notch.

great stuff indeed.

cheers Mithril

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